8 EPs To Get Around Before The Year Is Out

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/17/2015


The end of year can get so crazy busy that often you forget that there is still new music flowing. Just in case you have here are some of the best EPs from the last few months so you don’t get lef behind.

World Champion
Avocado Galaxy

World Champion are a slightly different signing for Future Classic erring further towards Tame Impala than Flume but they’re a worthwhile one nonetheless. The debut EP from William Campion and Julian Sudek is an intergalactic trip through sweet melodies and washy hooks. Each of the four songs has a certain swagger to them in the way they strut from the effortless cool of Avocado Galaxy to the unforced funk of Tip Pit. Half the EP you could use for a summer sundown and the other half you could use to hit the dance floor at night. It’s eclectic but it’s all bound by their spaced-out aesthetic which happens to be sonically gorgeous. 

Charles Murdoch

It’s technically an album not an EP but we’re putting this here anyway because it deserves to be spoken about in anyway possible. Future Classic signee Charles Murdoch has recruited some of Australia’s finest electronic talent for Point including Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee and KÛCKA and the result is something altogether stunning. It’s a sparse project moving from minimalist to layered beats but he still brings in addictive melodies on tracks like Frogs and Privacy that ensure you’re hooked from start to finish. It’s been over two years of silence from Murdoch but Point proves why. It’s the work of a perfectionist and while it doesn’t feel overworked it feels as if he’s fulfilled his potential as a producer.

Moonbase Commander

If you’re looking to be smacked into next Tuesday then Sydney producer Moonbase Commander‘s Southpaw EP is the one for you. He’s making “dark, brooding, body-moving bass music,” according to his Souncloud and has gotten the nod of approval by everyone from triple j to Pitchfork. There’s a reason it’s already reached so many people too. It’s one of those in-your-face releases that you can’t help ignore. The beats burst out of your speaker and the vocals, when he uses them, grab you by the neck and command you to dance. Over four tracks he covers electronica, hip-hop and bass music with ease sounding like someone who has been on the scene for a long time now. This guy could be playing main stage at festivals around the world next year if he keeps churning tracks like this.


Nü Religion

THEY. are an LA-based duo that appeared on Zhu’s latest EP on a track called Working For It which also featured Skrillex. It was a banging track but it’s not necessarily reminiscent of their own work which is hip-hop cross R&B which sits somewhere between Jeremih and Migos. The Nü Religion EP features three tight tracks that are richly melodic after-dark jams. They’re not afraid to manipulate their vocals and push things production-wise which is probably why they don’t sound like every other R&B act doing the rounds right now.


London-based artist Bonzai has already nabbed Zane Lowe’s World Record and Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World with Doses and Nikka respectively and her EP really just has more of where they came from. Her production is harsh and industrial but it’s softened by the soulful vocals which burst colour. It’s pretty minimal stuff but the hooks are so strong, they feel like guilty pleasure straight from the mainstream. The production has been handled by Mura Masa and John Calvert which explains why it sounds so genre-pushing and yet so familiar at the same time.

Club Kuru

Club Kuru is a London producer/songwriter making luscious, dusky R&B. He released his debut EP All The Days earlier this year and he’s followed it up with the similarly impressive, even more adventurous Layla EP. It’s funky, sensual music peppered with arresting vocal samples and pulsating but sporadic beats. His voice teeters between R&B and indie-rock effortlessly moving in and out of falsetto. Every track on this EP is really accessible meaning you’ll be able to sink your teeth into it straight away. If enough people do the same he’ll be an act to keep your eye on in 2015.


WAFIA made us all swoon a few weeks ago with the release of her Future Classic debut Heartburn and now she’s doing it all over again this time with four more tracks. Today she’s dropped her debut EP XXIX and it’s a stunning collection of warm, electronic tunes buoyed by her honey-soaked vocal. The EP features production by Thrupence, Ta-Ku and Andrei Eremin, also listing Vancouver Sleep Clinic as a featured artist on Fading Through.

Cosmo’s Midnight

Since the release of hit singles Snare in 2014 and Walk With Me some months ago, the anticipation for a follow-up EP has been steadily building for Cosmo’s Midnight. Production perfectionists Cosmo & Patrick Liney have kept us on the edge of our desk chairs, and clearly haven’t rushed anything, today releasing an encompassing 6-song record with some incredible collaborators in tow on ‘Moments’. From a spacey production with close mate Wave Racer, a super cute track with Sarah from Kero Kero Bonito, a deadly funky collab with Lido, and showing off a darker side with Ether featuring Hi Tom. It’s a diverse collection of tracks that shows off some incredible versatility, nothing more than what we have come to expect from Cosmo’s Midnight. – Zanda Wilson