Introducing Sydney-Based Label On The Rise Future Sound

Written By Jack Cain on 11/24/2015

Sometimes we stumble across music that really is at the core of the underground – music with only a few hundred plays if that. One of those label’s on the rise right now is Sydney’s Future Sound Records who are bringing the aesthetic of international success-story labels like Soulection and Fool’s Gold to Australia. Even though they’re based in Sydney, like many Soundcloud labels, their roster is undeterred by geographical barriers.

Their latest release is by a Russian producer named Gemy who has just dropped his Guest EP. It’s full of emotion and perfectly encapsulates the Future Sound vibe with a genre-crossing set of tracks.

We reckon these guys are onto something big so we caught up with director Chin Zuze to pick his brain about the label.

Whats your vision?
Our vision is to be a music and art outlet for our friends and also just general music and art we might be liking. We admire labels like Stones Throw , Soulection and Fools Gold who are not just focused on music but also art.

What can we expect in 2016?
In the future expect more diverse art and music. More music shows and art exhibitions.

How do you feel the Sydney beats scene is currently?
The beat scene in Sydney is thriving , there’s so many crews doing their own thing. So many crews we admire like Future Face and Gentle Records to name a few.


Check out the full Future Sound Soundcloud here.