Quick Fire With UK Alt-Rockers Beach Baby

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/18/2015

Beach Baby

Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines, Kasabian - the UK has a golden history of guitar bands bringing bedroom rock 'n roll to arenas and that's without even venturing into the glory days of the '70s. The latest name looking set to join that esteemed list is London foursome Beach Baby who are only in their early days but are already kicking some serious goals.

The band blew up the internet with their track No Mind No Money and have delivered a spectacular follow-up in Limousine which caught the eye of worldwide tastemaker and Beats 1 radio host Zane Lowe. True to their name, the band have somehow pulled sunshine-soaked guitar riffs from the gloomy depths of London town for a track that's ready to soundtrack summer in the same way that Circa Waves' T-Shirt Weather did last year.

Their Limousine EP is full of charismatic tunes of the same elk with four songs that almost guarantee more than a few spectacular festival moments next year.

We shot a few questions to the band so you can get to know them before they become supermassive in 2016.

First of all, how did you all come together as Beach Baby?
Ollie and Lawrence started playing together from the age of 18/19 in Bristol, in various bands. Iraklis came a couple of years later once O and L had moved to London and mixed it up with some funky bass. Shep was the final piece with his groovy drums and it was only once he joined that 'Beach Baby' came into existence.

If you had to tell someone who had never heard of you what to expect from your music in a sentence what would you say?
I guess we have a pretty wide ranging and eclectic sound but in essence we're just four guys with guitars...... and drums.

These tracks feel quite summery to me. How does it feel to be playing them as you’re heading into the British winter?
It feels good, I don't think we think of the tracks as being that seasonal ourselves so it's not really an issue, but I suppose for the audience it offers relief from the really short days and famously bad English weather.

London has a lengthy history of great alternative guitar bands. What do you feel you guys are doing differently?
We're just being ourselves really and you can't really go too far wrong with that, you'll always be different and you won't need try if you're true to your self.

A lot of the influences here seem to be, I’ve read you guys talk about people like Dylan and Chuck Berry. What are some of your contemporary influences? Or do you try not to pay much attention to new music?
No, I think we have a pretty healthy attitude towards new vs old music, we're into the whole gamut of the rock n roll canon, if it rocks like a badass it's cool!

How are you finding going on tour? Exciting, tiring, both?
We've just got back it was really cool, we were away for about a month and yeah it was both exciting and tiring. It's also really good for getting your chops up; the shows we played towards the end were smoking.

The hype around you guys is building. Do you try and ignore that?
Yeah generally it's not such a good idea to get too involved with all that kind of jazz, googling your own band name is kind of lame. At the same time you've got to enjoy the moment a little bit so when something cool happens it's not a crime to give yourself a pat on the back.

Any plans for a fill album yet?
Yes, there are plans yet nothing concrete though, we've got the numbers and it will happen but we're not quite sure when, watch this space.

Finally, what’s the best band, other than yourselves, that has the word beach in it?
Hmmm.. probably the Beach Boys, they're one of the greatest bands ever with or without the word beach!