Chiara Hunter Brings The Funk On ‘War’

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/17/2015


Allow us to introduce you to Chiara Hunter, an Aussie songstress who’s currently living in London making some really excellent tunes. War is the follow-up to Strange Relationships which blew up the blogosphere a few months ago and it turns everything up a notch from the attitude to the funk. Hunter sings with bite, stabbing at every accent and valiantly tackling the personality-filled future funk beat.

War is about fighting for your place in the world, fighting for what you believe in – as an artist, as a human,” Hunter said of the song.

“It’s about what sacrifices you’re willing to make & how far you’re willing to push yourself to achieve what you always dreamed of. But ultimately it’s about the fight to believe in yourself which can be the hardest thing to do”

For a new artist, she sounds so confident and assured of what her sound is which is what immediately attracts us to her. That and the fact she’s an Aussie killing it abroad.