Album Of The Day: Rustie - 'EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE'

Written By Alistair Rhodes on 11/12/2015


Rustie's third album in just four years comes only a year after his polish last effort Green Language and shows a rawer, edgier side to him. Coming off the back of that 2014 release the Glaswegian producer was thrown into a heaving touring schedule which included heading down-under earlier this year for St Jerome's Laneway Festival, so for him to produce EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE in such little time is nothing short of remarkable.

Green Language’s centrepiece was the trap masterpiece Attack featuring rapper Danny Brown but if you think about the complete opposite direction to that track you’re likely to land at EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE. The reason for this is Rustie felt like his sound was compromised as he was constricted and influenced by management. Instead of allowing that to happen once more he did what so many artists have done in the past and produced an album for them and the purist music lover. Porter Robinson did the exact same with Worlds last year as a reaction to the ever-falsifying world of EDM.

As such, this album is all for Rustie and all about Rustie. There aren’t any features from rappers or other producers with Rustie chosing just to showcase his own abilities. Just look at the album's credits for example "Written by Rustie/ Produced by Rustie/ Extra vocals by Rustie/ Guitar by Rustie/ Art direction by Rustie/ Photography by Rustie". The album title itself EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE even insinuates that if you don't believe then at least Rustie himself believes in what he's doing.

This is a raw album that is constantly pushing the boundaries and Rustie's dubstep, trap and happy hardcore influences shine through in a scrappy way. The bass lines are plentiful but they're not as deep and low as we're used to hearing. The synths and snares are often sped up and then pushed through the distortion meter in order to create that dirty raw sound which you'll notice halfway through Coral Castlez.

For those who aren’t already Rustie fans or who can’t stand it when a producer does something out of left field, this record is not for you because as a complete effort it can get quite tiring. A lot of the songs have the same long build-up to a climax and when that happens 15 times boredom can easily set in.

That said there are a number of standouts. 4eva hits you with a big kick of basslines energy right after the melody and 444Sure finishes the album perfectly. EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE takes you on a magical journey deep down a rabbit hole and if you’re more than happy to join Rustie for the ride, chances are you’ll be rewarded.