Collarbones’ Marcus Whale Flies Solo On ‘If’

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/11/2015
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Marcus Whale is the busiest person in Australian music. He’s got more projects on the go than Kanye West, starring in Collarbones, Black Vanilla and now he’s his own solo project. If is the first taste of his solo work and it’s probably the most different thing we’ve heard from him too across all his endeavours.

It’s a sparse, stunning that begins slow and then elevates into a dance-ready climax. His voice sounds bloody excellent showing he’s more than capable of going it alone and killing it too. It’s great and that’s despite the fact that it’s just a demo.

He’s just been signed to Good Manners which is the Melbourne label that house Kllo, Banoffee, LUCIANBLOMKAMP and more. We’ll take an album now thanks.