First Impressions: Coldplay, Craig David, Rustie and More

Written By the interns on 11/10/2015


First Impressions is an interns roundtable review of songs on their first (or second) listen. Each week we review six new songs from the past week, each giving them a score out of five and awarding our pick of the week. This week we pick apart tracks by Coldplay, Craig David, Rustie, Ty Dolla $ign and more. 

Craig David x Big Narstie
When The Bassline Drops 

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Jack Cain: What do you get when you take something like what Disclosure have been trying to copy for ages and mix it with an actual artist from the era of what Disclosure were trying to copy (I'm referring to Artful Dodger)? You get this track, which has been absolutely nailed by a fairly unknown producer known as White n3rd, enlisting the RnB superstar Craig David who is just filling everyone in that in 2015 he is still relevant, still on point and still chilling on Sundays. There's no way anyone will be walking away from this tune when it gets played in the club. 4.5 

Alistair Rhodes: I've never actually liked Craig David ever but he has come bouncing right off the blocks with this song. It's dance, RnB and Grime, mixed all into one song. Grime is seriously the flavour of the month at the moment, spreading out across the world from England where it's going through a massive resurgence. 4

Sam Murphy: Ayo! Craig David is back and is going about it exactly the right way. Pairing Where Are U Now with Fill Me In was a genius move as it married nostalgia with something that's current and he's done it again here on this track. It capitalises on the whole garage rejuvenation that's happened this year thanks to the grime movement and it's also classic CG. It's catchy, melodic and energetic but best of all it doesn't make him sound like an old fart. 4

Can’t Get Enough Of Myself

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Jack: I am a big Santigold fan, although I'm not a big Can't Get Enough Of Myself fan. Maybe it's because of all the other music I have been listening to lately but this just sits in a place I don't want to. It reminds me of The Jackson 5 but it's like a song that wouldn't have ever made it to the public’s ears, and I think that just says it all.  The song seems confused; I don't know what it is, where it came from, or where it is going. I feel like Macklemore would have more luck getting me to like this song because at least I'd be expecting it from him. The bridge is my favourite part, and I wish it was the chorus. In saying that, songs like this tend to grow on me. While this is my first impression I may be swayed further down the track.

Alistair: I've also been a massive massive fan of Santigold but what the hell is this rubbish. I Can't Get Enough Of Myself has taken a huge turn in another direction from her usual songs. The hook is really repetitive and quite annoying to be honest. 1.5

Sam: Santi is back and going about it the right way in my opinion. This is one of her lightest, sunshine-soaked tracks to date and the melody just hits you immediately. I love the way she navigates the slightly off-kilter beat and then ramps things up for the chorus. I can't get enough of Santigold frankly. 4

Ty Dolla $ign
LA (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Brandy, James Fauntleroy)
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Jack: I really enjoy this. It’s so good to hear some hip-hop that isn't smashing your ear drum with a rolling snare, kick drum combo. But rather this song is layered with beautiful strings, piano, and soul. Kendrick Lamar brings to the table his lyrical wisdom and truthfulness as he ever so reliably does. This song is the one you roll a blunt to just before sex.

Alistair: This would have to be the first song that I've heard from Ty Dolla $ign. For the first couple of verses I was  really starting to wonder where the song was going to go, then Kendrick Lamar stepped up to the mic and really gave it that explosion of energy that was needed. Without Kendrick I personally think this song has nothing and just meanders along. 3

Sam: I couldn't hold it together when I saw Kendrick, Ty and bloody Brandy, of all people, on a track together. The last really obvious LA anthem was courtesy of Katy Perry and the city of angels deserves better than that. Cue LA. The track is as smooth as any hip-hop track I've heard this year with flawless harmonies and an A+ verse from Kendrick. It brings together so many facets of the hip-hip world of yesterday and today and it just works. Absolutely love it. 4.5 Sam's Pick

Peace Upzzzz

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Jack: do like Rustie, always have. But how long does Rustie get to be Rustie before we are all bored of the same synths and sounds, squeaks and drum patterns? This wondrous thought of mine extends also to the likes of Flume or anyone who is just going back to their biggest hits and re-sampling the same sounds. With all that aside, I do enjoy this. It’s ambitious and experimental, though it builds for me for way longer than it needs to, considering the end result is somewhat anti-climactic. I think it could be a stepping stone away from the ultra thizz sounds of 2012. 3.5 

Alistair: I'm really liking the sound of Rustie's latest album, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE and Peace Upzzz is indicative of that. Yes, it's weird and a bit odd, but you can really lose yourself to it...especially when that bass drops. 

Sam: In one way I agree with the point about this being classic Rustie once again but I think that's only at the end. The idea of starting really minimalistic and then only hitting hard right at the end os something really new for Rustie. It feels a lot less glossy than the last album and totally bereft of label influences. This is the music Rustie genuinely wants to be making and it sounds exciting. Big upzzzz from me. 4

Ecca Vandal
End Of Time

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Jack: I saw Ecca Vandal live once and I really couldn’t get what was going on. I do remember noting that the music production was top class, that the ideas in place where good ones and I can happily say that “end of time” for me is the definition of nailing those two things firmly into place. I now know to expect huge things from Ecca; her voice is insane, her sound is mature, despite her young age, and clearly the team behind her know what they are doing. End Of Time/Ecca is Australia's answer to MIA. Now i'm just waiting for her to take down Malcolm Turnbull in a political stage rant.

Alistair: What more do you want in a song...You've got a dirty heavy bass-line with a powerful voice that can reach notes that most singers can't. I love this song. The production on this song is top notch. 4.5 Alistair's pick 

Sam: To be honest I haven't really understood the hype surrounding Ecca Vandal before. And that's probably because I haven't given her enough of my time. I actually heard this on the radio for the first time and immediately pricked up before I knew who it was. Now I feel I'm willing to give a little more time to Ecca. This is a killer tune. It's dark and haunting but also really melodic and accessible. Her personality comes through stronger than most new artist and makes me really want to love her. Really great. 4

Adventure Of A Lifetime

Jack: Do I like Coldplay? Yes. Do I have great memories at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre during their Viva La Vida tour with paper butterflies falling upon my head during Lovers In Japan? Of course I do. Is Adventure Of a Lifetime a refreshing step-up and away from anything they've done in the past two years? Fucking oath. And yet they still sound exactly how I remember them. Chris Martin has always had the ability to make the most complicated parts of life seem like simple sentences in his songs. The guitar riff makes them sound like an emerging indie band, and I think from a bunch of middle-aged men, some youthfulness is quite nice. 5 Jack’s Pick

Alistair: I can't say I'm usually a Coldplay fan but Adventure Of A Lifetime had me moving in my seat. It's got a powerful rhythm to it and great singing. We know these lads can write music and perform it like none other and the same goes for their production. Think I'll put this on my iTunes to purchase list. 

Sam: There's something about this song that makes me feel sick in the stomach. I'm not sure if it's the tacky cover or the over-glossy production or the chorus that doesn't really go anywhere or the corny lyrics get the point. I don't use this word often when talking about music but I think this song is lazy so I will say that it's just shit. Coldplay produced by Stargate should never happen. It's not even an arena tune. It's one made for pop radio and it just lacks any human emotion. 0.5

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