Eight Songs By New Artists To Tell Your Friends About

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/02/2015


Stop talking about the weather! We’ve got a new topic of conversation for the water cooler. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing; stop. Log on to a chat room, pull out that phone or simply yell from your bedroom window. Whatever it takes to get the word out. These new artists are funky and fresh and will probably soundtrack Laneway 2018.

After a bit of Soundcloud surfing we think we’ve come up with eight new artists that have quite the knack for crafting great tunes.

I Want To Be Alone With You

I always keep an eye on the Australian scene and try and support it as much as possible but we usually have a rule that if it doesn't measure up to what's going on internationally right now, we won't give preference. Luckily there is so really excellent stuff coming out of this country right now and Wishes ticks all the boxes. Wishes is Sydney based musician John Towey and I Want To Be Alone With You is his debut track. It's a super strong track to come out of the gates with - a big, alt-electro anthem with tinges of Neon Indian's latest record. It's the type of song that could easily soundtrack festival after-movies all summer and that's because it's joyous and euphoric without being corny.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/wishesmusic/i-want-to-be-alone-with-you-1[/soundcloud]

Young Tapz

No doubt you've heard time and time again that there's something in the musical waters over in New Zealand (Broods, Lorde, Lontalius), but you don't hear much rap out of the country. Young Tapz is changing that with his rad track Killa which easily competes with anything coming out of the US right now. It has the industrial darkness of Kanye's Yeezus with the personality of Vic Mensa or Travi$ Scott. It's also driven by an instantly memorable hook that should have new audiences rapping along right away. If you recognise the voice it's probably because he featured on Hermitude's The Buzz but it's likely to be this track that really gets his name out there.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/youngtapz/01-killa-1[/soundcloud]

Sofi de la Torre
London x Paris

Spanish popstar in the making Sofi De La Torre is having a dream run on Soundcloud right now. She just keeps uploading gold disguised as electro-pop songs that lean slightly to the left like Kiiara or TALA. Her last track Mess was a near-perfect pop song and her latest London x Paris is just as good. She creates a dusky atmosphere with melancholic synths and a gentle but rich vocal. It strays from the pop rule book by trading a big chorus for a down-beat, sexy one but it completely works and any time she goes into her high-register it's impressive. Apparently Grimes is a fan and you should be very soon too.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/sofidelatorre/londonxparis[/soundcloud]


Paul Epworth who has produced for the likes of Adele and Florence and the Machine (among many others) started a label last year called Wolf Tone and signed Glass Animals. Glass Animals have since toured Australia twice pulling huge audiences and justifying Epworth's decision to sign them. Now he's decided to add a second artist to the roster and they are London-based duo Plaitum. Plaitum are making distorted, atmospheric electronic music buoyed by euphoric choruses and their latest LMHY is also their best. It's as if CHVRCHES traded clarity for reverb and while it makes it a little harder to dig for the melody it's all the more rewarding when you find it. The chorus is beautiful with the vocals really piercing through all the noise.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/plaitum/lmhy[/soundcloud]

Your House

Your House is the debut single from Melbourne five-piece DIET. who are making washed-out, breezy tunes. This year we've seen a huge shoegaze resurgence in Australia from triple j Unerathed High winners Mosquito Coast to bands like Green Buzzard. DIET. slot right into that resurgence at the top of the pile with Your House which sounds like someone grabbed Real Estate and dirtied them up a bit. Frontman Ben O'Loughlins voice is immediately distinguishable and that's something that will serve them really well as the genre continues to crowd.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/diettunes/your-house[/soundcloud]

The Knife

Incase you haven't heard the '80s is back in vogue right now and Nakatomi are proving that in a big way. Nakatomi are a duo from Adelaide making big '80s-leaning tunes and their latest The Knife comes with a music video dripping in '80s pastiche. Of course, if you're going to trade in nostalgia you have to do it well and also bring something new to the table as to not copy as this duo do exactly that. The Knife is a huge, heavy-beated song with Bjork cross Kate Bush vocals and a chorus that'll have you recalling early Madonna. A massive song for a new artist.


From Drake right through to Tkay Maidza, there are more and more rappers who also have singing on their resume. Brooklyn rapper Berhana is the latest artist to bring that skill set to the table on his debut track Janet. Janet is about as personable as debuts come with a perky beat complicated by laugh tracks taken from TV shows. His vocals are raspy and soulful elevating the chorus to another level from the rapped verses. It's clear that he's versatile and with such a recognisable voice he should have no problem carving himself a niche.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/berhana/janet[/soundcloud]

Sabina Ddumba
Not Too Young

While Adele's Hello is doing the trick by and large there is a shortage of big pop anthems. Thankfully Swedish singer Sabina Ddumba is here to fix that with her massive pop track Not Too Young. She's sung back-up for Katy Perry in the past but her big voice is made for a front woman. A pounding beat pushes Not Too Young along and it takes off by the chorus as Ddumba's voice reaches full force. She takes it to church and the end bringing it to a spectacular finish which is exactly what pop needs right now.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/sabina-ddumba/not-too-young[/soundcloud]