Josh Jacobson’s ‘Not Alone’ Will Melt Your Heart

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/26/2015

Josh Jacobson

Earlier this year we introduced you to NYC producer Treehaus and his brilliant single Underground. At the time we had a chat with him and he gave us a banging mix but since then we haven’t heard much in the way of music from him. Well, he’s finally returned, ditching the moniker for his parent-given name Josh Jacobson. The track he’s back with is Not Alone featuring fellow NYC songwriter Skela. Together, they’ve crafted a sunset-born dance track with vocals and lyrics made to melt the heart.

Skela’s voice is smokey and jazz-infused while Jacobson’s beats are gentle and warm. Together the pair marry together their qualities to craft something pretty special indeed.

Jacobson is part of the Moving Castle collective which features Jai Wolf who is in the midst of an Australian tour. Check out the details here. Hopefully Jacobson will follow suit and head down-under soon.