Set Mo Craft Dance Floor Perfection With 'Chasing Forever'

Written By the interns on 10/21/2015

Sydney duo Set Mo have nailed the impossibly difficult task of following-up their last banger White Dress. They have unveiled their next single Chasing Forever with vocals courtesy of ALPHAMAMA and it's just so damn melodic and smooth. Built on a deep house beat, they've crafted something that works both as a pop song and as a club burner giving us all the feels. "If ever I feel like I'm drowning and lost in this place I reach out for you," ALPHAMAMA sings as Set Mo bring in a flood of synths giving us the kind of euphoria that club music serves best.

"We wanted to describe the bittersweet journey when stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the risk of pursuing something greater than your current situation," said Set Mo's Stu Turner about the song. "When we came across ALPHAMAMA we knew her neo soul style would capture the emotional struggle we were looking to portray perfectly.” For those of you who are having their first encounter with ALPHAMAMA right now she is a soulful Sydney-based singer who's got a phenomenal voice.

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