Chet Faker Goes Disco With Marcus Marr On 'Trouble With Us'

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/16/2015


Chet Faker has teamed with producer Marcus Marr for a disco-tinged new track Trouble With Us. The track is taken from an EP, Work, due for release on 4th December and marks Faker's first studio release since his debut album Built On Glass.

The pair came together after Marr thanked Faker for posting one of his songs on Twitter. "I messaged him and said thanks, and a conversation started—all nerdy stuff about recording processes," he said in a press release. "Pretty soon we started exchanging song ideas in voice memos. He then suggested maybe we try and do something together."

"It was a real thrill as the songs came together," he said further. "As far as working out lyrics and music, [Faker] is super-talented."

Over the past few days the big news headline has been that Chet Faker has shaved his beard which is quite frankly ridiculous. No doubt Faker will be hoping to draw the attention away from that and onto Work.