Six Songs By New Artists You Should Tell Your Friends About

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/14/2015


Stop talking about the weather! We’ve got a new topic of conversation for the water cooler. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing; stop. Log on to a chat room, pull out that phone or simply yell from your bedroom window. Whatever it takes to get the word out. These new artists are funky and fresh and will probably soundtrack Laneway 2018.

After a bit of Soundcloud surfing we’ve think we’ve come up with five new artists, that have quite the knack for crafting great songs.

Tell Me

South London singer RAYE has been releasing music on Soundcloud for a year now but Tell Me has to be her most immediately accessible work to date. She’s produced the song with Blood Diamonds, the LA producer who’s worked with Grimes, and it’s an airy, glitchy pop song with really weighty, soulful vocals.

She’s only 17 but it sounds like she’s had a world of experience and that’s probably because she has. She’s been singing since she was 10 and bumping tunes by jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. Expect to hear a lot more from RAYE over the next 12 months.

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All The Rest Is Noise

Formation are two young brothers from South London who are making club-tinged, groove-built tracks that slip right into the ears on the first listen. Zane Lowe debuted The Rest Is Noise on Beats 1 and it’s a confident, crisply produced track poised to win the duo plenty of new fans. They have a definite LCD Soundsystem vibe to them but the vocals are a little more polished than James Murphy’s making it just that little bit more soulful.

All The Rest Is Noise is taken from their Under The Tracks EP which is due out 13th November. It sees them team up with house legend Leon Vynehall and if All The Rest Is Noise is anything to go by it’s going to be one for the dance floor.

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I'm Gone

Howl is 19 year old Geelong producer James Moriarty whose dense, atmospheric productions are drawing comparisons to producers like Porter Robinson and Hudson Mohawke. He’s racked up over 5,000 followers on Soundcloud with stirring remixes of BANKS, Lana Del Rey and Clams Casino but his latest original I’m Gone is his most accomplished production to date.

The songs grows in a wave of hearty synths before taking a lift turn at the drop into something a little more trap-inspired. He slows things down for the mind-blowing finale which sees all the elements come together like the dying moments of a Porter Robinson set if ever you’ve seen one. The track is free to download so get stuck in.

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Cool Kids (DFWU)

midnight is a singer from Rochester in the US who’s married electronica with R&B on his excellent new EP XII Labors. Cool Kids is taken from that set and it’s been produced by Obey City who’s the man behind Kelela’s latest jam Rewind. Cool Kids doesn’t share many similarities with that Kelela cut, however, taking a darker, heavier root with industrial beats and crystalline synth work.

midnight’s vocal is feather-light in the best way, using his upper-register to give the song an alluring effortlessness. He find the perfect melody within the hard-hitting beat, softening things up a bit while still bringing the attitude - “You don’t wanna fuck with me,” he sings.

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GRRL pal

GRRL pal is producer Danny K and vocalist Jay Ke Kat who have come together in the aid of making quaint, intimate bedroom pop songs. They’ve collected a pretty impressive back catalogue over the past year and they’re continuing this streak with their latest jam Suggest. Suggest is probably the cutest song you’re going to hear all week. It has this really gentle quality to it coupled with lyrics like, “tell me that tonight is the night.” It feels like it’s full of first date jitters which also happens to translate into a really sweet melody.

This year GRRL pal have played Listen Out and BIGSOUND charming the pants off everybody. If they keep churning out tracks like this 2016 is likely to be an even bigger year for them.

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Gina Kushka
Bring It Down

Born in South Africa but now residing in London, Gina Kushka is making electro-tinged pop poised to take on the mainstream. She’s working with Jay Weathers who has produced for Wiley in the past but he’s detouring slightly from hip-hop for his work with Kushka.

Bring Me Down is one of two bangers they have released together and it’s a mammoth pop song. Kushka’s voice is slightly reminiscent of Ellie Goulding although she does give a little bit more aggression that Goulding usually would on the bridge. As far as we’re concerned this track is a smash - get on board radio and take it to the top.

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