Written By Sam Murphy on 10/13/2015


Music is one of the fastest moving art scenes in the world and artists’ interests are constantly changing, as are the audience’s tastes. in. is a specially curated playlist by an artist who we feel has the finger on the pulse musically – one who can share things you may not have heard but can also shed some light into what’s influencing them creatively.

Melbourne producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP set hearts racing with his beautiful 2014 debut album Post Nature. It was a short, nine-track collection that poignantly introduced him as an atmospheric songwriter with an emotional backing and gave him enough ammo to create an equally powerful live set. Less than a year after that release he's returned with From Afar - a heavy-weighted track that turns the intensity notch from his debut and gives us something that demands attention rather than asks for it.

The tracks accompanied by a stunnig video directed by Melbourne director Tess Hutson who's perfectly captured the cold sparseness of the song. “The track is about feeling disconnected from other people, and while some of our initial thoughts were very external, we wanted to see what would happen if our character kept her turmoil within herself," Hutson said of the video. "This leaves the viewer to decide what’s going on in the character’s head, let alone what has happened to her to lead to this outcome."

In order to get inside LUCIANBLOMKAMP's mind (and steal his music taste) we asked him to put together an in. playlist for us. It's a dark but diverse set of tracks that he's collected for us ranging from Andy Stott to Loreen of Eurovision fame.

Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - The Rest Of Us
It’s no secret that Colin Stetson is a bit of a genius, although the new collaborative album with Sarah Neufeld is already a classic. Such unique sounds in these songs.

Lakutis - Death Shark
I’ve actually had this track in my iTunes for years although only recently realised how unbelievably smooth the beat is. Plus Lakutis is always a gem. Essentially, a winning combination.

The ILYS - Specialised
To be honest I haven’t been listening to much death grips recently, this newI.LY’s track has seriously won me over though. Zach Hill and Andy Morin seem to be a winning combination.

Loreen - Everytime
I know it’s pretty taboo, although I can definitely say that Loreen is the best thing to come out of Eurovision. Her voice, the instrumental, the lyrics, they all get to me. Perhaps more than one would expect. She’s the Eurovision we deserve.

Andy Stott - Violence
Spine-tinglingly amazing. The atmosphere throughout ‘Faith In Strangers’ is so dense. He’s definitely become a recent inspiration for my new music.

Silvio Rodriguez - Ojala
Huge thanks to mum for getting me onto this. I’m not sure if I’ve just been living under a rock but until a few months ago I had never heard of Silvio Rodriguez. I can already tell that this song will become a timeless classic in my books.

Lol Boys - Changes (Anenon One Take Cover)
I mean, I really love this original. Not only that, I really love the official remix from shlohmo. But over time, I’ve become more and more impressed by this saxophone cover by Anenon. His improv skills are through the roof on this track.

Raf Riley - Summer
Serious party starter right here. Avelino’s skills are also seriously impressive for a relatively unknown rapper. Definitely wouldn’t be surprised if he blows up in a big way any second.

Fatlip - What’s Up Fatlip
Again, it’s a pretty common occurrence that I feel as though I’ve been living on mars when I discover classic songs like this one around 15 years too late.

I’lls - keep
No list of my favourite music would be complete without some I’lls. Still torn about their hiatus but we can only hope and pray they one day rise from the ashes.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP is heading out on tour at the end of the month: