LDRU On Going Solo Again, The Carmada Hype And A New EP

Written By Zanda Wilson on 10/12/2015
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Drew Carmody, often known better as L D R U, is another up and comer making some seriously awesome electronic music. After spending much of 2014 focussing on a duo project with good mate and fellow producer Max Armata (Yahtzel), Carmody has spent this year putting some serious time and effort into his solo work. With an EP on the way and a tour just having kicked off, we chatted with L D R U about breaking free of the Carmada hype, catching babies on stage, and diversifying his musical style.

“He’s just jumped out of the shower and he's wearing a towel so you'll have to speak up”, says Carmody’s manager just before we start chatting…


You’re about a third of the way through your first solo national tour in a couple of years, whats it been like being back touring as a solo artist again?
It’s pretty cool, especially after all the Carmada stuff. Focussing on my solo project is really good, and it’s good to be able to get back on the road back to where it all started. Just to tour on my own and see all the people who’ve supported me from the start.

Why did you decide to pursue an individual tour and EP release as L D R U this year, was it about trying to break free off the Carmada hype, was it about hitting some personal goals?
We both had our solo projects before Carmada came about. The main goal for me was to keep my solo brand going, not to give up on myself, where it all started. The same thing happened with Max (Armata aka Yahtzel), when we started the Carmada project we were trying to balance all of our projects at the same time.

The Carmada project obviously exploded everywhere last year; did you ever expect it to blow up as big as it did?
Definitely not, it actually all started as a joke which is pretty funny. It below up out of proportion and we had no idea that it was going to be like this, and it ended up putting our solo stuff on the back foot because we had to focus more on the Carmada stuff at the same time. It’s actually made it really hard to focus on the L D R U stuff.

What’s your favourite live gig you’ve ever played, what made it incredible?
Favourite live gig ever… I’m going to have to say Mountain Sounds two years ago; I think it was the first Mountain Sound ever up on the Central Coast. The whole crowd was going nuts and there was this one dude who was dressed as Jesus, up on someone’s shoulders. He was holding a fake baby and he threw it at me and I caught it. I ended up throwing it back to the crowd and he caught it again, so it was like a little game of tennis with a fake baby.

I guess it’ll be hard to top that on this tour but we hope something like that repeats itself!
Hopefully, hopefully…

You’ve just dropped Keeping Score, what can we expect from the rest of the EP?
I don’t want to give too much away but there are definitely a couple more collaborations. More feature-wise then working with other producers. This EP I suppose for me, it’s a bit more diverse, trying to not pigeon-hole myself. It’s been about trying to keep my producing level up, creating some change whilst still being true to what I’ve produced before.

Do you feel at all that you’ve been pigeon-holed as someone who makes a certain type of music?
Definitely, in the media I’ve been portrayed as ‘L D R U makes trap music’, or as tropical trap and not much else. It’s been pigeon-holed in a way but if you actually listen to the stuff and put it next to an actual trap song, they share elements but it doesn’t fit the category of trap. With the rest of the EP I think you’ll be able to see that it’s much more than just trap music.

Who is your favourite person you’ve collaborated with?
Probably Maribel, on one of the Carmada tracks we made. I’d love to speak about the (tracks on the upcoming EP) that are coming out but I can’t give too much away. She has been really great, really easy to work with; she’s just an all-round great chick.

Who do you think is killing it on the music scene at the moment, who are you listening to at the moment?
Who am I listening to… I’d have to go with Hayden James, he’s been killing it. I just saw that he’s got a massive American tour coming up. That track Something About You is just amazing, it blew everyone away. He’s a great dude as well, fun to hang out with and I reckon he’ll be the one killing it (in the future) for sure.

Check LDRU out on tour:

Friday, 16th October
Academy, Canberra

Saturday, 17th October
Flinders Social, Townsville

Wednesday, 17th October
Sosueme @ Beach Road, Bondi

Saturday, 24th October
Welcome To The Valley, Perth

Thursday, 29th October
Mona Vale Hotel, Mona Vale

Friday, 30th October
Access @ Waves, Wollongong