Kiiara Strikes Gold Again With ‘Intention’

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/07/2015
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Four tracks down and we’re still no closer to really knowing who Kiiara is. Beats 1 have been spinning her three previous tracks Gold, Feels and Tennessee on the regular and they were responsible for premiering this latest track Intention. Still, apart from a few press pictures, we don’t have a clear identity for Kiiara but does it really matter when she’s consistently slamming out tracks like these?

Intention is cut from the same cloth as her previous outputs in the way of slightly wonky vocals, heavy-hitting beats and a haunting backdrop. You don’t immediately expect to be so taken by her tracks but they grow quickly because of they’re subtle pop bangers. It’s hard to remember the last artist who delivered straight-out 10s on their first four songs.