DJ Dodger Stadium Go Dark On 'In The Flames'

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/30/2015

It's been just over a month since DJ Dodger Stadium, now going as just DJDS, returned with You Don't Have To Be Alone and they're keeping the ball rolling with another track In The Flames. In The Flames is a much tamer cut for the Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL-consisting duo but it's still a massive ear worm. They have chopped and screwed vocals atop a dark, malleable beat that nods its head to deep house more than anything.

If you're keen to drop some $$ on the track, the pair have actually released candles for 10 USD. They look rad and when you buy them you automatically get a download of the song for you to listen to while you await your candles. They also announced an American tour for November but that doesn't concern us here in Aus - come back to us soon DJDS.