7 Real Stories Behind Album Covers

Written By Rei Barker on 09/29/2015

Back In Black


The Acca Dacca bois had something really spesh planned for this long-awaited record - a gnarly scene of them in the schoolboy outfits throwing up horns. The printer they used didn’t have colour so they just said ‘fuck it’ and went with this. Turned out ok, I guess.

Flying & Falling


Here at the interns we give our readers credit for being shrewd and intelligent. I’ll just leave these three sided shapes here and you can probably figure it out. #illuminaticonfirmed

The Ramones


The Ramones were notoriously hard to photograph, and misbehaved at every opportunity. Photographer Roberta Bayley convinced a car full of cops to drive past yelling ‘The Ramones suck’ and when the band assumed this animated and emotional pose, much like their music, history was made.

Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here


Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. That is all.

Chet Faker
Built On Glass


To be honest it doesn’t really mean anything. I’m sure some would argue that hands represent work and the intentional imperfections symbolise humanity’s failings in the inherently flawed capitalist model under which we operate. Nope. Just a fucking hand. Nice work, Chet.

If You're Reading This It's Too Late


He’s going to be disappointed (but obvs forgive) in me for saying this. The album artwork was finalised after the 6 god mistakenly believed he had perfected time travel and in his mind it would have made sense. It doesn’t, but since it’s Drake it does anyway #OVO. Last I checked he’s getting pretty close, so watch this space!

Miley Cyrus
And Her Dead Petz


The lettering style and bubblegum cross psychedelic design have prompted some to say that it’s a nod to both Wayne Coyne’s influence and Ms Cyrus’ no-so-subtle transition from Hannah Montana to the woman she is now. Nope. They are wrong. It’s a cryptic homage to that feeling you get when you eat ice cream too quickly and get a little headache. Also something to do with cultural appropriation but it’s an accident cos she doesn’t get it.