The Full Run The Jewels ‘Meow The Jewels’ Album Is Here

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/26/2015


What started  as a joke kickstarter has finally eventuated into a full album – yes, Run The Jewels have redone last year’s RTJ2 with 100% more cats. With excellent titles like Paw Due Respect and All Meow Life, the album is a breeding ground for cat puns but it’s also actually really, really good. Who’d of thunk it? Blood Diamonds, Just Blaze, Zola Jesus and more have remixed the tracks, using cats to craft plenty of lols but also some banging soundscapes.

Many were saying that it would be a cat-astrophe but it’s most definitely not. It could be the best cat album since Cat Power’s last LP.

Download the whole thing for free here and hear Meowrly below.