Stop The Press: World's End Press Are Heading In A New Direction

Written By Meshell Webb on 09/25/2015


Things are heating up once again at camp World's End Press. Following their 2013 self-titled debut album and extensive run of touring, the band went quiet. They re-emerged last month with a new single Tall Stories that marked a slight shift in sound to a more club-oriented sound - one that they have carried across to the EP of the same name which is available today.

the interns caught up with vocalist John Parkinson ahead of the release for a chat about the new direction of the EP and what to expect from their forthcoming headline dates. Like many of my interviews, this one begins in an overtly awkward manner with the soothing sounds of a heinously loud motorbike outside the studio all but drowning out Parkinson. When the roar subsided and I regained the art of conversation, a very patient John awaited my long list of questions and was more than accommodating with his answers.

I’ve noticed a little bit of promo teasing at a music video for the title track, Tall Stories. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Yeah! It’s going to be really good to get that out, we shot it about a month and a half ago. I was happy to have a lot of people I know, a lot of friends who appear in it and the guy who made it is also a really good friend. He’s done some brilliant film clips in the past, so it was a really nice collaborative process. We went out and scouted locations together and then we got out friends to provide all the stuff we put into it. My girlfriend is a contemporary dancer so we used a lot of Melbourne contemporary dancers. Have you seen the film Pina by Wim Wenders? That was kind of our starting point.

Well from the little teaser you’ve got online all I’ve been able to make out is some poor dancer getting slushied!

[Laughs] Oh that part was so rough! It was actually this awful cold rainy Melbourne night and not only did those two friends suffer the indignity of being dressed by us in Target clothing but also the pain of shooting in the rain and getting sticky cold slushy all over their face.

So you picked the two dancers you didn’t like…is that it?

Well…it was my passive aggressive way of expressing a grievance…

Shit, I’ll remember not to get on your bad side.

[Laughing] No, no but seriously they are awesome.

Let’s talk about the EP. Can you walk us throughout the process?

Well, the process…it kind of just began rather personal, with me tinkering around on synthesizers as I often do in the studio and I had no real expectations of what…it kind of all actually started with me tuning this AM radio dial which sort of has found its way (the AM radio static) on to a few of the songs. So yeah, making those rhythms into swung house-y grooves and then a lot of it was just establishing nice rhythms then playing or singing over the top. It was summer so there was a lot of sacrifice of sunshine for the sake of making music.

So were you trying to put that sunshine into the track instead?

Yeah but to me though, I mean…a few people have said to me that the music is kind of “sunshiney” but I’ve never really thought of it that way. It’s definitely not what I’m imagining when I’m writing the music…I’m more into the rainy, miserable night time. But you can never really be fully aware of how other people see what you do. 

Theres real contrast and colour track to track, can you tell me about some of the influences the band had when pulling everything together?

Well, in terms of the way all three members take in new music…I mean we’re not really seeing many bands live anymore. Our interests lie more in seeing DJ’s and going to electronic music festivals. Let them eat cake has become a bit of a tradition for us as a band (so playing it was great, we didn’t have to buy tickets) so our heart really lies in that kind of environment, a club on an open air festival where you’re not really paying attention to individual artists rather the focus falls onto the dance culture so what we’re doing now is irreversibly and intractably a part of the dance world. in terms of specific influences, without reeling off lots of names, generally speaking the swung housey-beats you hear on the EP are influenced from the kind of UK garage two-step sounds all the way up to Four-Tet or Todd Terry and all those early 90’s house rhythms are in there as well. It’s all mixed with our sentimental love of pop melodies and narratives and I think that’s what keeps us from being completely immersed in the dance world, we’re still a pop band I suppose.

 Well that point of difference is probably a big part of why Tall Stories has appealed to such a wide audience.

Well that’s nice to hear! To be honest it’s just nice to have people respond well to something you’ve been tinkering on for so long…So much stuff never sees the light of day so it feels good to have a single out.

And soon to be an EP!


Is the tour going to be more of a club feel? Seeing as that sort of set-up has resonated with you guys recently?

I think it’s really up to us, on this tour…to present our music in a way that we want to. That means adapting our songs so that its not a stop and start kind of affair. Weve been working on our transitions so that there is a fluid rhythm throughout the whole set, much like when you and see a DJ you dont really stop to try and identify the song you know? So hopefully, if all goes well that will be the feeland expect dancing. Lots of dancing.