Getting To Know Aussie Duo Ginger & Drum And Their Habits

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/24/2015


Electro-pop duo Ginger & Drum have been making music since 2011 but at the moment it feels like they're really onto something. Their last two singles Habit and Ticking Boxes have caught the attention of many because of their beautiful melodies and lushes, haunting sonic backdrops. They're the type of songs that tread a balanced-line between the pop world and the alternative hitting sweet spots but also delivering something we haven't heard before. Both singles are buoyed by exceptional choruses showing that the pair have enough melodic stick for their sound to really catch on.

In order to get to know the pair a little bit better we caught up with Zoe Gault who gave us a quick run-through the group and gifted us a playlist of the 10 songs they can't live without.

How did the two of you come to make music together?

We met at uni and were both super keen to see what we could do together musically. Each of us were playing in different set ups at the time so we were both aware of what the other could do so it was just a case of trying to mash what was at the time two quite different styles of music. Eventually we found our musical spot after tinkering together with synths and beats in logic and there it started.

What are each others worst habits?

Andy would say my worst habit is totally over-reacting when I think I've left  something crucial behind and we’re setting up for a gig. I yell “oh noooooo” only to find what I’d lost 2 mins later. It gives him a heart attack, and sometimes now I think I subconsciously do it on purpose to mess with him.

Andy’s worst habit is definitely jiggling. I think as a drummer he wants to move is feet and hands all the time so we’ll be peacefully trying to create something of beauty on the mac and all I can feel and hear are the reverberations of Andy’s feet tapping and his fingers drumming on his leg.

Your sound isn't distinctively Australian. Are you influenced by overseas scenes?

Yes I’d say a lot of our musical influence which inspired Ginger and Drum was originally from overseas. I really love some of the harmonies and progressions from Ireland/Scotland – David Grey, Damien Rice, Paolo Nutini etc. I also spent some time in Sweden which of course oozes cool music. Little Dragon, Miike Snow, Lykki Li, and Robyn were definitely big players while I was there. Andy’s always had a hugely broad love of bands from overseas but if I were to write them down we would end up with a phd on the subject. (ok maybe a few – Radiohead, Beastie Boys and Tool)

How's the live show coming along?

The live show is really exciting now. I think we've been on a journey (and still are) to put together the best ‘live versions’ of our songs. We’re trying to go bigger and more aggressive as our recordings can tend to be more delicate. Andy’s invested in some fun drum tech which has really opened up some doors and allowed him a lot more freedom on stage!

How's the songwriting process work between the two of you?

The songwriting process is probably different for each song. As a standard I tend to start off writing a song in logic for Andy to sweep in behind me and fix my terrible loop drums. We’re both then involved in helping shape the soundscape and progression of the song. For a while we were writing without playing the songs live first but now we have a smoother studio to live transition so our next bunch of songs have been fleshed out live. It will be interesting to hear the difference when it comes to recording and producing the next single.

Ginger & Drum Habits Playlist - 10 Songs They Can't Live Without