6 Of The Best New Artists On The Paradise Music Festival Lineup

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/18/2015


Paradise Music Festival is not your typical festival. There's no chance of Mark Ronson headlining, artists coming in via crane or Kate Moss camping among punters. It's a festival made entirely of Aussie talent, most of them new bands, showcasing just how good talent is in this country right now.

Looking down the lineup, there's a wealth of young talent. From producers to bands, it's a next crop list of artists that are on the rise and putting on some of the performances of their life. Many of these acts thrilled at BIGSOUND in Brisbane last week and will no doubt thrive off a festival crowd basking the glory of Paradise's beautiful Victorian location.

Here are our pics for the best new artists on the bill. And believe us when we say, there's plenty more beyond this six.

Tired Lion
For a new band Tired Lion have already accomplished a lot. They've released two EPs including their latest Figurine which has spawned a mammoth triple j hit I Don't Think You Like Me, they have churned out a cracker Like A Version and opened Splendour In The Grass. Vocalist Sophie Hopes is fast overtaking The Preatures' Isabella Manfredi as the countries most badass frontwoman with her raucous and charismatic presence. It's one thing to listen to their brilliant EP Figurine but it's another thing to see these guys live. You'll be hard pressed to see a new band better than this, this year - if you haven't seen them yet, pop the cherry at Paradise.

There's no dance act on the planet let alone Australia going quite as hard as Friendships right now. The Melbourne duo are dropping vicious, demonic tracks driven by hard beat and agressive vocal samples. If you're going to dance to these guys you can't go in half-arsed. You've got to dig your heels in and go for broke - it's the only way to match their audible energy. Their latest double A-side Pedal To The Medal/Ded Soun Konduktah is full of sounds that will penetrate your ear and blow your mind. Better leave some energy in the tank when you see these guys, you're going to need it.

Tiny Little Houses
There's been so much electronic music swelling around that you would be forgiven for forgetting that Australian bands actually exist but they do and Tiny Little Houses are one of the best newcomers. The band actually started as a solo project but its since expanded to four-piece who are making slacker rock bound by beautiful melodies and washed-out guitars. Think Wavves with a touch of Real Estate and a pinch of Ariel Pink. It's actually been a while since we've had a band in Australia that does lo-fi this successfully with their latest single Soon We Won't Exist proof of that. They're picking up worldwide attention and it probably won't be long until they're whisked away to overseas festivals so you better get on them before it's too late.

Broadway Sounds
If you wanna have a groove then Melbourne group Broadway Sounds are your guys. They have crafted a tropical, joyous sound that sits between the colour-burst of Todd Terje and the organic funk of !!! (Chk Chk Chk). It's music that's impossible not to move to, feeling like it was born in Club Tropicana while clutching a coconut cocktail and listening Nile Rodgers. Their latest single Shonky Man combines elements of disco and funk for a three and a half minute party that feels completely euphoric. These kind of sounds are made for outdoor festivals.

Melbourne boy/girl duo Habits only have two songs on their Soundcloud but already they're looking to be one the most interesting new acts around at the moment. Last month's Ether was a whimsical slice of electro-R&B while the more recent Reverend Mother is demonic and industrial. There's obviously a naughty and nice side to Habits both both are intrinsically interesting. Their latest video for Reverend Mother shows that they're as visually creative as they are audibly and should convert to a pretty stunning live show, if not a little creepy.

Amateur Dance
Melbourne producer Amateur Dance may not be a household name yet but he's pulling some big wraps from tastemakers around the world. The Fader picked up on his Talking About Yourself EP and rightfully so because it's a crisp, subtly melodic project of club music that's of an international standard. For the title track he sampled an hour long Drake interview and that acts as the driving vocal. The Fader called it "beautiful music" and that may just be the best way to describe it. It's not overcomplicated or pretentious, it's just really good club music made by someone who obviously understands what makes a club audience tick.

But wait, there's more! Check out all the other rad acts heading to Paradise Music in November.

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