Friends In Paris – An Illustrated Interpretation of Kanye & Jay Z’s ‘Ni**as In Paris’


Kanye and Jay Z have one of the most beautiful relationships in rap history. When they released Watch The Throne four years ago, they solidified that friendship with a big, gold-covered, full-length LP that spawned Ni**as In Paris – a song that went on to be one of the biggest hits of both their careers. Every club you walk into these days, everybody wants to gloat about how they can rap to Ni**as In Paris, forming a circle, stepping inside it and letting their friends see their rap chops. Often they get most of the lyrics right, to the surprise of no one who’s heard the radio spin it 4062 times, but how well do we REALLY know the lyrics? We decided it was about damn time that we broke down the song and illustrate it so we could better understand Jay and Ye’s relationship. Enter Friends in Paris

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