Majella's 'On' Is The Sexiest Thing You'll Hear This Week

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/15/2015


Majella are the first act to appear on our new category page Introducing which is where we'll be collating all the excellent music by new artists that comes through. On is the Brisbane outfits debut single and it combines the sex of rock n' roll with the smoothness of electronica. It's unashamedly about sex as the main hook "I can't wait to get it on," is complimented by howling guitars made for a dim-lit bedroom or club. It's an unsurprising theme for a band that used to be called Bonerstorm but believe it or not they manage to do it in a really tasteful, genuinely alluring way giving us a few Prince vibes thanks to that falsetto.

These guys obviously have plenty of personality and the musical chops to carry such a forthright song. Majella do a very good job of being convincingly but we're having less luck with our alluring, sexy face which will basically should be a natural reaction this track.