in. Curated By Alizzz

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/14/2015


Music is one of the fastest moving art scenes in the world and artists’ interests are constantly changing, as are the audience’s tastes. in. is a specially curated playlist by an artist who we feel has the finger on the pulse musically – one who can share things you may not have heard but can also shed some light into what’s influencing them creatively.

For a young producer, Spanish beatmaker Cristian Quirante, better known to us as Alizzz, has racked up a golden list of accolades. He's collected over 100,000 Soundcloud plays on most of his remixes and originals, released a banging EP via Diplo-affiliated label Mad Descent and dropped mixes for everyone from BBC to RinseFM. He's been a bit quiet on the release front for a little while but apparently there's a new EP on the way later this year which hopefully he'll try out while in the country for his debut Australian tour.

He'll play five dates across the country playing clubs with local heroes Chiefs and Beayz joining him in Melbourne and Sydney. He's remixed everyone from Lido to Kelly Rowland so you can expect a diverse range of musical genres all wrapped-up in his own unique, energetic style.

To get to know the producer a little better we got him to put together the tracks he's digging at the moment, curating our latest in. playlist. See his reason for choosing each song below.

Sorsari - Blitz
This track is so massive, so many frequencies so many feelings. Those bended chords bring me out of space.

Kiiara - Feels
Kiiara has one of the most personal voice I've ever heard. With only three tracks released I can say she's one of my favourite artists right now. She's all mysterious, just a couple of pictures a very funny twitter and amazing tracks like this one, her last upload on soundcloud:

Robokid, AObeats & Manilla Killa - Heliz 2.0
Moving Castle is my favourite music collective right now, I really love their sound. They just released their first official release featuring some of the label heads.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me (Y2K Remix)
I've been working with Y2K on some tracks lately, he's such a talented artist. He's so good at making catchy hooks with very friendly and nice sounds. This is he's latest remix, definitely one of my favourites.

Maxo - Crush
Maxo is the best at turning the super complex into something sexy and smooth.

George Clanton - Never Again
FKA Mirror Kisses. I've been following him for a couple of years now. I must say I love 80s pop like Tears for Fears, Spandau Ballet or Duran Duran, George Clanton takes that vibe to the future. I love to play that, on a Sunday hungover.

Salute - Castle (Magic)
I was really expecting some new stuff from Salute. He took the club beat to his own thing and made this magic song.

Chloe Martini - Get Enough (Feat. Alyss)
Everything Chloe Martini makes sounds so clean. He uses complex structures and harmonies but everything sounds so in its place.