Chromatics Drop 'Shadow' Off Forthcoming Album

Written By Michelle He on 09/09/2015


For those who are getting antsy about the long awaited Chromatics album, this new single should keep you happy until it finally drops. The pulsing beats of Chromatic's new single Shadow, released as part of Adult Swim's Single series, is proof that their disco electropunk spirit is still alive and well, despite the fact that they still haven’t announced an official release date for Dear Tommy.

True to its name, Shadow is dark and brooding, but builds to an airy crescendo featuring Ruth Radelet's vocals. Despite the melancholy tones, Shadow still retains the disco vibe that follows the critically acclaimed electropunk quartet.

Described by Johnny Jewel as a testament to the "flame of nostalgia", Jewel has this to say about their Shadow and their new record:

Everyone has a shadow. There is no real difference between ten years ago and ten seconds ago. Your future determines your past. The flame of nostalgia is a tempting black hole to jump into, but I recognize it as a fantasy. Romance is brave. So is simplicity. Love is a call to war. Why wouldn't you want to respect music? Dear Tommy is the most rebellious record I've made.

Shadow is another single from their long awaited upcoming double LP, originally slated for a Feb release, which Jewel has been slowly teasing with sporadic releases including In Films and Just Like You. A longer one promises to appear on the LP, but it’s available from Adult Swim here.