Live Blog: Here's Everything That's Happening At The 2015 MTV Music Awards

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/31/2015


It's music video's night of nights, or music video's Monday morning if you're in Australia, and the stars have already started arriving on the red carpet dressed in their best threads that say I'm fun, quirky and understand there's a no need to dress like I would for the Grammy's. This year's awards are hosted by Miley Cyrus who's ready to show that she's a free-spirited hippy while simultaneously endorsing one of music's biggest commercial giants. She'll no doubt make various references to grinding Robin Thicke and may drop an album. If this happens then Beyonce, Rihanna and Frank Ocean will probably follow within hours.

Every year MTV forces somebody to do something shocking that will outshine all the award winners. This year Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Macklemore are all performing so they shouldn't have a problem there. If they don't turn up for MTV then I'm sure Miley Cyrus will have no problem casually dropping "c**t" into the broadcast.

Fun times ahead!


- Nicki Minaj has officially kicked off the show singing The Night Is Still Young. Taylor Swift also emerged to officially declare their short-lived feud over. It feels like world peace is finally upon us. They finished up by singing Bad Blood. Minaj looked really good at the start but then when Tay Tay came out she just looked a bit like 'the funny friend'.

- Macklemore just debuted his new track Downtown. We're still collecting our emotions from the Minaj/Swift peace-treaty so we didn't really watch tbh. But that song is absolutely ridiculous and we should all just ignore its existence.

- Miley Cyrus is finally here to be controversial. "Maybe MTV figured the best way to stop me from performing was to get me to host," she said, because her performance with Robin Thicke just completely ruined MTVs good name.

- She also just said that she's not releasing any music this year so I guess that means no album :/

- Also we're finding her delivery a little bit stilted, but that may just be us. We'll update you on that ASAP.

- Mark Ronson won 'Best Male Video' for Uptown Funk. We thought he performed it early in the show but that was just Macklemore with Downtown.

- The Weeknd performing on a Monday! To what do we owe the pleasure. These are the kind of performances that would be a highlight at the ARIAs but unfortunately get lost at the VMAs because it's not shocking.

- UPDATE: Kanye danced. Now it's a highlight.

- Feeling very sorry for all those having to laugh at Rebel Wilson right now. We were in that position when she was on The Wedge in 2006.

- Nicki Minaj won 'Best Hip-Hop Video' for Anaconda. Is probably going to have to eat her words about the VMAs because she's kind of using them as a vessel for world domination tonight. She just gave the best acceptance speech and called out Miley Cyrus for talking shit about her in the press. Seems Miley has the confidence to be naked but she cowered under Minaj's stare.

- Miley is literally just being Miley on the VMAs. Swearing, nudity, witchcraft. I wonder what her BFF Leslie thinks.

- Taylor Swift wins 'Best Female Video' for Blank Space. Cue the Beyonce had the best video of all time jokes. Or was that the best video filmed on an iPhone of all time.

- Exclusive. New Yeezy Boost are expected to drop after the show:


- Miley: "They don't get much crazier than me." Yep, we get it, you're an individual.

- Once upon a time, four giant purple balls would've been enough to be remembered but not in 2015. Poor Demi Lovato. It feels as if she's just on the outside of Taylor Swift's squad and therefore, she's nothing. But she is Cool For The Summer. Also I heard Lovato on Kyle and Jackie O this morning. Does that mean she wasn't live?

- Kanye feeling exactly the same way as us about having three or four more hours to go.

- We were skepitical about Bieber's good boy return but he's actually done a damn good job. He just took to the VMAs stage to perform Where Are Ü Now and the new track What Do You Mean?  and actually killed it. He was completely out of breath and at one point we were sure he was going to die. He cried a lot at the end so he's definitely alive. What's better is Miley just completely misjudged the situation and went on with the show making jokes about being naked even though Bieber was crying.

- 'Best Video With A Social Message' (Is that a thing?) goes to One Man Can Change The World by Big Sean with Kanye and John Legend. I also just realised Kanye looks like he's wearing hospital scrubs. "Thankyou for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime," said Big Sean to Kanye.

- Here's the Taylor Swift video JIC you want to watch it at your own leisure.

- Now Miley is doing drugs with Snoop so she's basically ticked off everything she could possibly do to shock. Now she's dressed as a colour-board. And then she called out Kim Kardashian because she got her in her selfie. Gosh, if that doesn't break the internet I don't know what will.

- "I first met Kanye six years ago at this show actually," Tay Tay said presenting Kanye's 'Video Vanguard Award'. "Kanye defines what it is to be a creative force in music, fashion and life," she said and she was doing so well. So well. But then she said "Imma let you finish." God dammit, when will it die? Is tonight the night we can put that behind because I have heard that phrase from every friend I now dislike about 390 times since 2009. Also cute:

- Kanye is really crushing this speech. He graciously accepted the award from Taylor and so far it's basically been one long apology. There have been tears and plenty of good quotes. "The contradiction is I do fight for artists but in that fight I was somehow disrespectful to artists," he said. It feels like the crowd doesn't know whether it wants to boo or cheer and that's kind of the best thing about it. "I still don't understand award shows," he says as MTV immediately regret their decision to give him this award.

All jokes aside though, he's making a really good point about awards shows and the need for there to be losers. He's screaming and swearing and Tay Tay is looking shocked but also really pleased. He's also admitted that he smoked something before he got onstage which has just shown-up Miley and she will probably be pissed about that. This has to be one of his best rants to date and I can already see the comments flooding in about Kanye being a dick but the greatest thing is that it's going to make MTV history and not because it was rude or gimmicky.

"I'm running for president in 2020," he ended, dropping the mic marking one of the greatest award speeches of all time. Beat that Meryl #Oscars2016. Watch it here.

- I didn't think she could do it but Miley actually made a joke about being naked following that speech. She's wearing pants for the first time FYI.

- Pharrell is performing Freedom now pretending it's all about artistic freedom but really he just got paid a heap of money to make a Happy P.2 for Beats One Radio.

- "What will Miley wear next?" Have you ever been to a Beyoncé show? Can we stop going on about Miley's craaaaazzzzyyyyy costume changes?

- Fetty Wap just took home an award for something that FKA twigs and Vance Joy were nominated for. I think the category was 'Best Video Not By Taylor Swift'.

- Khloe Kardashian has come out in support for Yeezy's presidency.

- A$AP Rocky just took to the stage with Twenty One Pilots. It was good but Rocky would've had to announce his intentions to run for the leadership of the Liberal party to top what's already happened tonight.

- Tay Tay has taken home 'Video Of The Year' for Bad Blood which we all already knew was going to happen anyway. The best part is she took the time to tell Ice Cube that he was amazing in Straight Outta Compton.

- Oooh, there's another joke about Miley being naked.

- Our valiant host Miley Cyrus is closing the show for us. "Yeah, I smoke pot," she sings in this half-song, half-bad dream. I'm not really sure if this is meant to be her new single or a track we will all never speak of again but it's not doing much for me.

EDIT: The above was written before the rave part kicked in. Now I'm sold.

EDIT EDIT: SHE DID IT. SHE DROPPED AN ENTIRE ALBUM. It's free and you can get it here.


- Taylor Swift has turned up with her 'squad' most of whom appeared in the Bad Blood video. They will no doubt be dropped like hot potatoes once she drops the video for Wildest Dreams tonight.

- Also, Swifty has brown hair in the video for Wildest Dreams so if nothing else happens during the awards there's that piece of exciting news to fall back on. We've already started our think piece - "What Taylor Swift's brown hair means for the Abbott Government".

- Update: She's already ditched the squad.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.32.41 am- Thought this was Nicki Minaj but it's not. Carry on.

- VANCE JOY IS HERE. It's his first red carpet that doesn't have Jimmy Barnes, Jessica Mauboy or Human Nature on it. He looks confused.

- Miguel on the red carpet - "It's really about the music." Yup, always has been.

- This morning's host Miley Cyrus has arrived looking embarrassingly overdressed kind of like when you turn up to your first day of work in a suit and everyone else is wearing Nikes.

- Billy Ray Cyrus in a fucking hat. Word has it he thought he was going to watch Miley in her community netball final.

- Everyone keeps banging on about how it's all about the music but the host knows what's up.

- Ok call this shit off. Rihanna and Chance The Rapper won't be attending so what's the point.

- Fall Out Boy just won the first awards of the night like it's 2002 again. We'll be casually putting the winners of the awards here but tbh everyone knows that's not the point of the VMAs.

- When you turn up to a party you said was gonna be shit but then you had nothing else to do...

- I think I'm not going to make any jokes about Tinashe because she's freeken flawless.

- Same goes for FKA twigs. She looks ridiculously good and has also made some of the best videos of the year but is graciously standing there without a nomination for 'Video Of The Year'.

- Taylor Swift just won 'Best Pop Video' for Blank Space but she didn't go to collect it from the red carpet because she knows she's going to have about eight more opportunities tonight.

- Nick Jonas is performing his new single. It isn't Jealous so we're immediately a little skeptical. He's also dancing with Kelly Osbourne but I think we preferred her in Papa Don't Preach.

- Kanye and Kim are here. They're both wearing Khaki and so is Kylie Jenner. They're probably the best dressed family since the Irwins.


- Swifty has debuted the video for Wildest Dreams. The storyline is basically her falling in love with a co-star in a movie and then she gets shocked when he's actually not in love with her IRL. But, that's not the important part. The important part is that there are planes, giraffes, tigers and she's GOT BROWN HAIR.