Alessia Cara Jumps The Gun And Streams Debut EP 'Four Pink Walls' Two Days Early

Written By Meshell Webb on 08/27/2015


Alessia Cara has joined the ranks of musicians throwing release dates to the wind sharing with us all her debut EP, Four Pink Walls, two days earlier than expected and announcing it in the most Generation Z way possible... via a tweet.

Accompanied by super cute visuals shot and curated by Cara, each track holds its own with strong pop sensibilities blended seamlessly with injections of soul, hip hop and Cara’s own brand of honest social narration. In a completely refreshing twist-of the four new videos, Cara appears to be “selfie-taping” three of them, sans fancy pop-star outfits and makeup…Showing us that her honest approach spreads further than her lyrical content, she is unapologetically herself and totally adorable. Seventeen has all the makings on the next pop anthem so don’t be surprised if by Christmas it’s blasting out of every radio and TV station you tune in to (do people still watch TV? I don’t know…)

Four Pink Walls comes as a precursor to a promised full length debut album by the end of the year. Our prediction is that Cara’s trajectory will be a speedy incline. Get acquainted with the Generation Z’s new voice before she’s curating Hollywood film soundtracks and hanging out with Kanye at Paris Fashion Week.