Banoffee Announces New EP, Drops 'With Her'

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/19/2015


If you're like us you've been hanging out for Martha Brown AKA Banoffee's next move following 2014's Got It and judging by her latest track With Her it was worth the wait. The song, which was co-produced by Oscar Key Sung, is taken off her forthcoming EP Do I Make You Nervous? out 2nd October. The track sees her channel some more deep-house influences melding them with R&B vibes (the tail-end of the track appropriates the lyrics of Mario's Let Me Love You). It's probably the first time we've got to call a Banoffee song a banger and we couldn't be happier.

Do I Make You Nervous? EP

1. Oceans
2. With Her
3. Fall Fast
4. I Am Not Sorry
5. Body Suit