Here's That Chance The Rapper And Lil B Mixtape You've Been Waiting On

Written By the interns on 08/06/2015


Hip-hop collaborations are teased every other day at the moment with most never eventuating (where's that Kanye collab on your album The Weeknd? You know the one you promised?), so it's surprising that this one is actually here. Lil B tweeted last month "Just knocked out a based freestyle album with Chance The Rapper in chi town!!" and now we have the results of that. It's called Free Based Freestyles and it's only six songs so it's probably not an album in the traditional sense but call it what you want, it's brilliant. It's worlds away from The Social Experiment's Surf with Chance completely in hip-hop mode which is a nice change. The pair go back and forth with freestyle verses sounding like the perfect match for eachother.

It's free to download and also to stream if you're not into having extra megabytes on your PC.