REVIEW + PICS: Golden Features | The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Written By Meshell Webb on 07/21/2015

Temperatures may have been shatteringly low but the Metro theatre was already a sweatbox upon arrival last Friday night. Golden Features is on an absolute roll right now. Winner of In The Mix’s Breakthrough artist of the year, a new EP that is dominating the Spotify play count and a virtually sold out Australian tour. Seems an awful lot to achieve in such a short space of time, the bar has been set high and it’s almost time to see what all the hype is about.

First things first – one cannot stress the importance of a cloakroom on a night like this (ladies, they do exist. Please wear a jacket when you go out, we promise you can discard them at the door to show off your bralet and shorty short set). After shedding about eighty layers of protective warmth we delve into the crowd to await the arrival of Golden Features and within about 20 seconds I am covered in perspiration however at this point I’m not sure it’s mine.

Catching the last few tracks from The M Machine, the crowd were sufficiently warmed up (mentally and physically) for the headline act. The stage blacks out and you can hear the telltale signs of about 5 smoke machines working on overdrive. As our young faceless friend takes the stage the crowd emits a pleading roar and I hear a girl behind me scream, “YAS I AM SO READY”.

Whatever the hype is, within the first ten minutes Golden Features proves it’s well deserved. Connecting with a crowd when you’re divided by a large piece of fibreglass clamped to your face must be no easy task and yet the young producer takes it all in his stride. There is fist pumping galore and a lot of side to side arm waving but it’s all incredibly endearing and not in the slightest bit forced.

Golden Features delivers his signature blend of pulsating dark EDM and atmospheric Aussie-Electro (It’s a thing guys). The set showcases the new EP amidst some trap bangers and a little head-nod to his mate Porter Robinson. The set seems to be driven by an underlying bass that resonates through your very core and tugs punters along to the beat of the song. As tracks began to blur together it became clear that Golden Features was REALLY good at his job, which was making us all have too much fun that we forgot where we were. Before anybody was ready the young producer stepped down from the decks and disappeared momentarily while the crowed howled for his resurgence. Golden Features delivered.

As what felt like a real treat for everybody at the Metro, the mask was lowered and Golden Features (usually silent) grabbed the microphone to give a heartfelt thanks to his loyal crowd, obviously feeling all of the hometown love it was special to see the giant smile spread across the producer’s face as he smashed out a final goodbye track, mask-free and just as sweaty as the rest of us.

Golden Features will be appearing at Listen Out later on this year, make this the first set you lock in for the day or forever regret your terrible life choices.