Disclosure Are 'Moving Mountains' On New Single

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/21/2015
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Disclosure have been teasing a collaboration with Sam Smith Omen for weeks now and what do they do? When anticipation is at its peak, they go and drop and completely different song Moving Mountains. Once the feeling of being let down subsides this track will win you over. It features the soulful vocals of US singer Brendan Reilly. It's a classic Disclosure track with deep house vibes complimented by honey-soaked vocals in the same vein as much of their debut SettleCaracal is the record it's taken from and that is out at the end of September.

Now, that Sam Smith track next?

Listen to Moving Mountains here at the 1 hour and 30 minute mark.

Also, watch the duo perform Holding On with Gregory Porter live at their Wild Life Festival: