10 Songs You Need To Hear: Years & Years, Drake, Alessia Cara And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/11/2015


This week, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick broke up confirming that real love doesn't exist. In light of that, we've tried to eradicate all love songs from this week's 10 songs. There are a few that are late to the news and have gone ahead and released a love song this week so we've forgiven them but this is the last week. Love is dead. RIP.

Alessia Cara
Bad Blood

When you cover Tay Tay and then Tay Tay tweets that she loves it, you're basically one below God (God being Tay Tay). Alessia Cara who might have caught your ears earlier this year with the excellent Here, took on the track, Kendrick Lamar-verses and all with a soulful, nuanced rendition. The tone in Cara's voice is remarkable and this performance really solidifies her as one of the most important new artists this year.

Peking Duk
Say My Name (Feat. Benjamin Joseph)

Well this is a bit of a curve-ball from the Aussie duo. Say My Name is not the dancefloor winner you were imagining but instead it's a rock-inspired cruncher that's more Black Keys than Calvin Harris. In a weird way the boys manage to make it a banger that will no doubt light up the Splendour stage when they drop it in a fortnight. It may take a little time for everyone to come around but it looks like they have another hit on their hands.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/pekingduk/saymyname[/soundcloud]

Rodney (Feat. Erick Arc Elliot)

We frothed over Espa.'s debut Pray For Me and now she's gone and done it again with the follow-up Rodney. This introduces us to a much more sensual side of the singer complete with sex sounds and steaming vocals. On top of that there's a rap planted firmly in the bedroom. It's daring but it's damn sexy.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/espamusic/espa-rodney-feat-erick-arc-elliott[/soundcloud]


HANA was introduced to many as Grimes' mate on her debut track Clay, but know she's got two brilliant tracks out there I think she's earned the right to be known for more than just that. Avalanche, the second track, is a twisted pop song that drips with icy beats and a melancholic melody. It's more delicate and personal than Clay and shows she's carving out a nice musical identity.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/hanamusic-1/avalanche[/soundcloud]

Yung Lean
Crystal Clear Ice

Whatever your opinion on Yung Lean, it's hard not to be swayed by the watery opulence of Crystal Clear Ice. The song is drunk and/or high but it channels that moment when everything is beautiful before it all inevitably goes wrong. It's not going to appeal to the masses but it's actually Yung Lean's most accessible song yet.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/adultswimsingles/yung-lean[/soundcloud]


If you've ever seen a Caribou show you'll know that the song's take on a much bassier, club aesthetic than they do on record. Dan Snaith's side project Daphni captures that feeling on tape. Vikram is pure beat candy. The basis of the track is a throbbing instrumental that barely uses synth-work to create a melody. It sounds like the kind of track that would be used to extend a Caribou song and send it into the stratosphere live but as a standalone it's also intricately interesting.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/caribouband/daphni-vikram[/soundcloud]

Majid Jordan
My Love (Feat. Drake)

You may best remember Majid Jordan as the Canadian duo that featured on Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home. They have been silent for a little while but they have finally returned with My Love featuring none other than fellow Canadian Drake. It's a down-trodden, muted dance track that sees Drake sing rather than rap alongside Majid Jordan's caramel vocals.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/majidjordan/mylove[/soundcloud]

Gilligan Moss

Once you get over the brilliant video clip for this you'll start really falling in love with this track. Choreography is by New York newcomer Gilligan Moss and it's a crystalline, happy-go-lucky track that effortlessly sets its self apart from anything electronic around at the moment. It feels frantic and confused like the inner-workings of a teenage mind but somehow it amounts to something captivating and actually really accessible.

One And Only

Perth producer Sable has gone 100 percent with the PC Music vibes on his latest One And Only. it's a sweet, hyperhuman love song full of delicious ear candy. Stylistically, it's probably the biggest risk Sable has taken but it pays of completely. It's hard to use the chipmunk vocal without sounding like a gimmick - here, it actually sounds heartwarming.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/sablemusic/one-and-only[/soundcloud]

Years & Years

Years & Years are about to bag their second number one in the UK with Shine and they have just dropped their debut LP Communion which will most likely scale the same heights. Gold is Communion's golden moment, if you like. It's a throbbing, gospel-tinted pop song full of impossibly delicious melodies. Vocalist Olly Alexander is a phenomenal popstar with the goods to make your heart melt every time he completes a vocal run.