Trash Or Treasure? The Week's Most Iconic Looks In Music

Written By Lucy Mallan on 06/25/2015


Here at the interns we give our ears and proper workout so we thought we would give our eyes a chance to prove their worth. Here are the best threads worn this week by people in the music biz, from some serious man candy lost me at man candy.

GQ’s 20 Most Stylish Men Alive

The GQ team took it upon themselves to trawl through thousands of male celebrity street style photos to compile a list of whose they would most like to steal. To ensure the most deserved of fashionable men where chosen, the following rules of thumb were adhered to:

1. Celebrities on the list may not necessarily be ones who spend the most cash on designer clothes (even though Kanye topped the list) or hire the best stylists.
2. Those who make the list must be guys who carry themselves through the world with confidence and originality (don’t know how original John Mayer is, but okay)
and who also:
3. Follow their own spirit guides (Can Pharrell be my spirit guide?).


Image: GQ

The list of musicians that were included are as follows (from top left):
1. Kanye West
2. Pharrell
3. A$AP Rocky
4. Mark Ronson
5. Harry Styles
6. Jay Z
7. Jaden Smith
8. John Mayer

Madonna in the Bitch, I’m Madonna music video 

(ft. Nicki Minaj with Diplo, Kanye West, Rita Ora and, for a split second, Alexander Wang, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus) 


So much for the Queen of reinvention. Madonna’s endless attempts to push the boundaries and be provocative are getting a bit old (just like the singer herself). The video in general along with the Moschino-heavy costumes (no one would actually call them outfits) are nauseating. Also, banding a group a celebrities together for a video was sooo Taylor Swift a month ago.

Drake wearing his clothing brand, Octobers’ Very Own


After snubbing Drake in their 20 Most Stylish Men Alive list, GQ posted this picture, along with the caption, "Drake's yellow sweatsuit sucks". Ouch. He can add that to his list of woes.


OVO's new WOES snapbacks in IYRTITL font. I'll take '6'.


Kylie Minogue at British Summer festival in London


Age-defying Kylie Minogue looked every bit the 25 year old she wishes she was. The queen of dancepop did, however, dazzle in Dolce & Gabbana. Her delightful and cheeky performance was just as much about her outfits as much as it was about her music.

Paul McCartney at his Philadelphia Concert

Philadelphia! Thanks for the LOVE! #outthere

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Always one to rock a suit (or a variation of one), the eternally stylish Paul McCartney looks classic and chic at his concert in Philadelphia.

Zoë Kravitz


Reinforcing her rock royalty title, the singer/ actress/ model arrives at LAX showing us only few could pull this off without looking like they were trying too hard. Her authentic style floats between bohemian (like her Mum) and rock (like her Dad) and sometimes she blends the two together.

Kanye West on Japan Vogue Cover


If you listen really hard you can hear Kim Kardashian weeping like a little kid left out in the playground. Kanye gets a second mention this week because if you grace multiple fashion covers in the short time he has then whatever, you're perfect. The Givenchy Gang consists of Artistic Director Riccardo Tisci, sister in law Kendall Jenner, musician Jamie Bochert, actress Jessica Chastain and other models Mica Arganaraz and Akimoto Kozue.

Christina Milian


If style is a way of expressing who you are without having to speak, I wouldn’t want a lilac satin bomber jacket and neon pink shoes speaking on my behalf. Even if they are Giuseppe Zanotti. It looks like Christina’s style hasn’t evolved much from her AM to PM glory days.

The Weeknd

He’s already got some fashion cred after taking over Alexander Wang’s instagram at Coachella so it’s not surprising The Weeknd’s recent instagram photo looks like a snap from a photo shoot. Not one to give too much away, his vibe is mysterious and shadowy and his look is urban and simple.

Diana Ross at her daughter’s wedding


Didn’t really go for the matronly look, did she? Not one to do subtle though, She epitomises glamour in a Vivienne Westwood Red Label gown. At 71, I say if you can get away with it, do it.