Basenji New Track 'Petals' Is The Soundtrack To Your Daydream

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/09/2015


Last year's Heirloom felt like a breakthrough for Sydney producer Basenji, not only making him one to watch but solidifying a trademark sound of glassy beats and ferocious tempos. His first song of 2015 Petals dropped today and while it may be less ferocious than Heirloom, it makes up for it with a dream-state melody and lovely vocals courtesy of Scenic. Basenji's music lives in a dog-run hyper-reality that's not far from PC Music's output (albeit slightly more human).

This is really his first endeavour to include vocals in the song and the result is his most accessible track yet. As such it will likely find a home on triple j and be a festival favourite by the time summer rolls around. It's great to see Aussie producers trying different things and the fact that Basenji has held off releasing anything this year until now makes us think he's been loading up his canon with great stuff ready to fire. Consider this cannon ball one.