REVIEW + PICS: Carmada | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Written By Meshell Webb on 06/01/2015


There’s always something really special about homecoming shows. Carmada managed to successfully sell out Oxford Art Factory three times over this week and the excitement in the air Friday night was palpable. As LDRU & Yahtzel took the stage, a surge of already-sweaty (thanks to stellar support act, Kilter) bodies rushed forward, desperate not to miss a moment of the mayhem. From the world go the duo excitedly bounced around the decks with giant smiles plastered to their faces, intermittently letting off confetti cannons and a dry ice gun (shout out to Yahtzel giving me a heads up so my camera wasn’t in firing range of the arctic blast).

Maribelle made a special appearance three songs in to sing On Fire with the pair much to the delight of the crowd. The young songstress sauntered around the small stage absolutely belting the number out which almost seemed impossible as she was such a small sweet thing. To those in the know, it was glaringly obvious that these boys payed proud tribute to their new label mates over at OWSLA, dropping multiple Skrillex & Jack Ü tracks amidst some homegrown love for Flume. One thing I love to see is label mates and musicians alike who support one another this much-it’s an admirable quality that shows no matter how much Carmada are blowing up, they’ve still got their heads screwed on.

From beginning to end there was not a still body in the venue, the walls began to permeate a collective “scent” of a few hundred sparked up punters which I’m sure they’ll still be airing out today. As the set began to close the boys teased at dropping Maybe and the crowd absolutely lost their mind. No word of a lie, I watched on as three girlfriends got so excited they ran up the fire escape and proceeded to do multiple slut drops like it was a goddamn rain dance-calling forth their twerking powers in hopes the Carmada Gods would reward them with the song they so hoped for.

Before dropping said track, the duo gave a really heartfelt shout out to all their fans “From the South Coast all the way to Manly”. Really paying homage to their humble beginnings (most likely as the naughty kids who sat at the back of the Northern Beaches school bus). It was a genuine call of appreciation and if their already stellar set hadn’t won me over, that would have been the moment. In a bizarre twist of events, Maybe was not their final track of the night. The duo opted instead for blasting Rage Against The Machine’s classic Killing in the name of and I witnessed something I never thought I would…a full blown death circle at an electronic gig.

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