Album Of The Week: Marina & The Diamonds - FROOT

Written By Alex Wilkinson on 04/01/2015


Enchanting, provocative, quick-witted and with a voice like no other, Marina & The Diamonds is one killer when it comes to indie-pop music. Even though for some reason Australian public hasn’t seem to pick up on the fabulous vocalist / song writer / producer that is Marina, her third album FROOT may be out to change us all on that front. Filled with lush vocals, cunning and witty lyrics and an overall punchy and upbeat feel, FROOT has came into bloom and now it’s time we all listened and fall in love (if you haven’t already).

Departing from the heavy commercial electro pop that came from her second LP Electra Heart (Greg Kurstin, Diplo, Dr. Luke), Marina has came full circle and is back embracing her indie pop roots. Whilst most pop females out there seems to be enlisting big name producers and writers to help them create hits, Marina has done the complete opposite. All twelves songs on the FROOT album were written and produced by Marina with David Kosten (Coldplay and The Flaming Lips) to create a cohesive grouping of tracks which can rival any other artist out there.

The tittle track Froot is a sequinned-clad disco throwback with Marina’s vocals showcasing levels from both ends of the scale, from the sweetest highs to the soulful lows. I’m A Ruin is a pensive yet poppy ballad telling of Marina’s decision to leave a relationship because “I’ll ruin you”. Two highlights of FROOT, the tracks Blue and Forget, appear back to back on the album, showcasing two different sides to a break up. The first is as pop as pop comes. Catchy danceable beats, an uplifting and fun-filled chorus; it’s all there. Where Blue, with its punch pop-loving hooks, would seem to be about wanting to go back to a partner after a break up for “just one night”, Forget is polar opposite to those feelings. The track is reflective and sombre to begin with but when it comes to the chorus it’s all about letting it go and forgetting the past: “ain’t no time for regret yeah it’s time to forget”.

Marina has always been a master at lacing her tracks with a critical social commentary which in the past has seemed to be directly pointed at the American culture. On FROOT, two tracks, Can’t Pin Me Down and Savages, take aim at society. In CPMD, Marina sings over a grooving bass and deep kicks about those that have tried to pigeonhole her in the past with the lyrics, “ I am never going to give you anything you expect // you think I”m like the others well you better get your eyes checked”. Savages has a serious tone to it, with Marina taking aim at rape culture and the class systems that society have in place: “I’m not afraid of god // I’m afraid of man”. It’s a poignant song where Marina is picking apart society and holding a mirror up to us, revealing us as the savages in the world.


In short I suppose Marina has offered us up a platter of Froot and each and every piece on the platter is a treat. She’s showing off her artistry with this album, avoiding the big names and collaborations, FROOT feels like it’s more a real piece of her soul that she’s offering to us. It’s got soaring pop melodies and even some tender moments that’ll bring a tear to your eye (aka Happy). If this album doesn’t get Australia listening to her and some serious radio plays then I have some serious questions for the nation. Enjoy a slice of Froot and have some fun with the album, it’s well worth the listen.