Elizabeth Rose Shares The Chrome Sparks-Produced 'Another Earth'

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/25/2015

elizabeth rose

Last year while in New York we hopped from an Elizabeth Rose gig in Manhattan over to see Chrome Sparks in Brooklyn. Now almost 12 months later we find a new Elizabeth Rose track produced by Chrome Sparks so the most logical conclusion is that she followed us from her show and has us to thank for this collaboration. Rose describes the meet-up a lot differently to how we put it but she doesn't rule it out. She says, "I had a tour in the States and we organised to finally meet up in Brooklyn. We wrote the instrumental together in his studio. He is such a cool guy, we got along instantly and the song came about so quickly. It was fantastic."

Funny business behind us, Another Earth is the track in question and it's a beautifully mellow, textured track. Rose is such a sophisticated songwriter and always churns out crisp, perfected songs. The addition of Chrome Sparks aids the extraterrestrial atmosphere with subtle but eery production. It's the kind of track that will just dazzle away on the dance floor louring everybody into an illuminated daze.

If you want to hear this excellent newie and more from Rose she's heading out to discotheques in Australia, kicking off this Friday.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/elizabethrose/anotherearth[/soundcloud]

Elizabeth Rose Discotheque Club Tour

Friday, 27th March
The Civic Underground, Sydney

Thursday, 2nd April
Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne

Sunday, 5th April
Brightside, Brisbane

Tickets here.