How To Not Be A Dickhead At Festivals: An Infographic

Dicks, we've all seen them. And while you can enjoy them at your leisure, you never want to be personified as one. Festivals have become a natural habitat for 'the dick' - defined as a festival-goer who feels that their experience is infinitely more important than the bucket-hat wearing chap to their right or the lass to their left with the flash tattoo.

Festivals are great. Where else can you see 14 bands in one day, pash a stranger and dance like an exotic parakeet in a remote tent and return to work on Monday with a job? BUT sometimes we need to remember that the festival experience is far more pleasant when you remember that you should treat people the way you would like to be treated, also known as harmony.

Aunty Meredith, the mystical person behind Meredith and Golden Plains festivals, has done an excellent job of creating a 'No Dickhead' policy, that makes the festivals the most harmonious on the festival calendar. Over the summer we've witnessed some of the most excellent people (FKA Twigs, the girl who told me she liked my hat and the tall guy who moved to the left so we could see Drake) and some of the most terrible people (the guy who thought he was the only person who could rap every word to N****s In Paris, the people who said Twerkshop was a waste of time at Falls Festival and those who let off flares) at festivals. The fact is, festivals are really easy to hate on. Local councils love to do it, it makes a great story for the media and your parents also like to. Prove them wrong and show that a festival is safer than the toilet paper aisle at Woolworths.

In anticipation of Golden Plains this weekend and as a reflection on our experience at festivals this summer here is how not to be a dickhead at festivals - the interactive art experience*.

*It's not interactive but if you print it out and buy a marker it can be.