in. Curated By Montaigne

Written By the interns on 02/24/2015

in_montaigneMusic is one of the fastest moving art scenes in the world and artists' interests are constantly changing, as are the audience's tastes. in. is a specially curated playlist by an artist who we feel has the finger on the pulse musically - one who can share things you may not have heard but can also shed some light into what's influencing them creatively.

For our first in. playlist we've chosen 19 year-old singer/songwriter, Montaigne. We interviewed Montaigne early in the piece last year and she struck us with her eloquent insights into her own musical palette. She's delivered us an inspired list of everything from pop to introspective electronica to a Bjork b-side. Check out the playlist below and also read about why she made the choices she did.

Gang of Youths - Benevolence Riots

So I didn’t choose this song just because I do BVs on it, nor because Dave’s a bro - I chose it because it’s actually a really fucking good song. Dave’s vocals are so good, and that middle 8 is all kinds of epic.

Setec - Lumen Lake

I played this song while doing an all-nighter on FBi Radio (local community station). It was the first time I’d heard it, and I was so into it from the start that I wrote the title down in my iPhone notes and looked it up later. Still as good as that first time. Reminds me of Radical Face.

Japanese Wallpaper x Tay Tay - Shake It Off x Between Friends

BEST MASH UP. The quality of the vocal track isn’t great but it doesn’t matter. This is essential. Seriously, listen to it. For my sake. Please.

Twinsy - Tear It Down

I found this song whilst collating this playlist in fact - the only song I knew prior by Twinsy was ‘Water Bombs’ which is HELLA, and this one doesn’t seem to move in the same vein however it is still cool. Actually, it’s so different that I’m thinking they might be two different artists??? I don’t know. Sounds pretty Jonathan Boulet-esque.

High Water - Someday

More ambient goodness. It’s sparkly and unusual (there’s a saxophone solo and it totally works???). That sort-of-whimper sample is gorgeous. Reminds me of something from an old Disney animation because of its quality, which I really dig. I really like how the song moves and changes. (There are also strings so I am easily won.)

Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix)

Like I said, I am not a fan of remixes, but this one has milky-purple grooves of which I can’t really deny the sex. The way it changes the chord progression is also magnificent. Just so damn funky.

Curious Creatures - So Tall

I’m not usually into this kind of thing but it’s grown on me. I really like the bassline; if I were to imagine a music video based on dat bass and the vocals, there would probably be a lot of dorky dancing involving clicking

Sigur Rós - Sæglópur (ENiGMA Dubz Remix)

One of the few remixes of songs I’m actually keen on. It manages to retain the oceanic beauty of Sæglópur while beatsing it up. It’s pretty understated dubstep, and it feels right. I also love strings a great deal (you hear the strings in all but one song on the EP) and I like that the remixer has made sure they still play a proper part in the track.

Owsey & Resotone - Broke My Promise & Stared To The Sea

SUCH A FAN OF THE T.a.T.u SAMPLE. I love T.a.T.u, for starters, and I am also into coastal ambient music in a big way (another artist that does stuff kind of like this, though uses less electronic sound, is Sea Oleena). Very peaceful song, very calming.

Baths - Ocean Death

This song actually sounds like Ocean Death??? Which is why it’s so good. It makes me think of some über creepy shit crawling out of the sea. Not anything harmful or dangerous, just grotesque and generally unpleasant to look at and be near. And as the song progresses, they sort of unfurl, stand up on their hind legs and stretch out into these horrific walking creatures.

Björk - Charlene - 1995

I love everything Björk does because of her voice and her eccentricity and the unique sound she has for herself. This song almost has a porn-music vibe (and I think it’s intentional) and it’s gr9.

0point1 - Cartoon River 

This is some really cool production. It’s all over the place but makes so much sense. 10/10 would be a fantastic wreck to.

Tkay Maidza (prod. by Elk) - M.O.B.

Met these guys the other day finally after seeing them play and daaaayyyyuuuuum. Some sweet beats. So easy to get down to this shiz. Tkay raps like it’s her birthday everyday, and Elk has a serious knack for producing bangers. Chorus has Captain Hooks.

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