10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Tobias Jesso Jr, St. Vincent, Paris Hilton + More

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/23/2015


Tove Stryke- Ego

Tove Stryke is a Swedish songstress who been released some boisterous pop music in 2014 and now she's gearing up for a full-length release, Kiddo, in 2015. Sweden is the land of pop music and quite frankly, pop's not worth listening to unless it comes out of Scandinavia so obviously, Ego is brilliant. It's elevated by a sprawling, elated chorus, the type that would make Dev Hynes squirm and Robyn dance. Very excited to see how Tove strikes in 2015 (see what I did there).

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/tovestyrke/ego-1[/soundcloud]

Charli XCX- Doing It (Feat. Rita Ora) (A.G. Cook Remix)

The PC Music mastermind A.G. Cook is at it once again, combining pop with nostalgic bubblegum video game sounds. This time he's remixed the new single by Charli XCX, which has Rita Ora on it for some unknown reason. The remix sees XCX and Ora's vocals pitch manipulated and backed by rushing, toy-like synths. It's a choice move from Charli XCX to support this remix as it continues her appeal as both a mainstream and alternative pop hero.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/charlixcx/charli-xcx-ft-rita-ora-doing-it-ag-cook-remix[/soundcloud]

Paris Hilton- Never Be Alone

Paris Hilton is not a singer and she shouldn't try, but that doesn't mean she can't release music. On Never Be Alone, which surfaced this week, her voice is manipulated within an inch of its life and surprisingly its a nostalgic hit. The production (seemingly by DJ Poet? Who?) channels early 00s club music- think DJ Sammy or Scooter. It's not going to win a Grammy nor will it set the charts alight but its nostalgic quality makes it a likely contender for an internet cult hit. Also, don't pretend you don't revisit Stars Are Blind at least once a year.

Tobias Jesso Jr- How Could You Babe

We included Tobia Jesso Jr in our Class of 2015, and we're feeling pretty happy with ourselves after he dropped yet another stellar track, How Could You Babe, this week. The song was endorsed by Adele on Twitter and raved about by nearly everybody with an IP address this week. It's a throwback track once again showing Jesso Jr's old soul and immaculate song writing prowess. In an age where the production possibilities are endless, he shows that sometimes the greatest beauty is found in simplicity.

Burial- Temple Sleeper

Enigmatic British producer Burial is readying the release of his new single, Temple Sleeper, through Keysound Recordings and this week we were treated to a three minute sample. Temple Sleeper has the appeal of a heart-beat racing '90s rave tune which sees Burial explore far more energetic territory than we've heard in the past. You can buy the vinyl now and here the whole track if you like.

Giorgio Moroder- Right Here, Right Now (Feat. Kylie Minogue)

Kylie's street cred seems to have sky-rocketed in the past few months. First she teamed up with Flight Facilities and now she's taking to the dancefloor with Italian producer and Daft Punk-collaborator Girogio Moroder. Right Here, Right Now is from his forthcoming album 74 Is The New 24 which will also feature collaboration with Charli XCX, Britney Spears and Sia. It's a sprawling, disco-flavoured track with a chorus that shoots into the stratosphere.

Lime Cordiale- Hanging Upside Down

Coming off the back on an absolutely hectic year of touring nationally and through the States, brass-infused indie-pop Sydneysiders, Lime Cordiale, have just released their new single, Hanging Upside Down. Produced by Sydney’s Jean-Paul Fung (Art vs. Science, Jinja Safari, Glass Towers), Lime Cordiale delivers an insanely catchy tune which will be a Summer soundtrack essential. Of course, a little Lime charm couldn’t be resisted and includes lyrics mentioning ‘perky tits.’ Also, the track was released with a super trippy film clip with artwork by Louis Lime and animated by wolfboy.

St. Vincent- Bad Believer

We're very, very close to having St. Vincent grace our shores for Laneway Festival. She's one of the greatest live performers on the planet at the moment and this new track, Bad Believer, will make a hearty addition to her already formidable set. It's being added to a re-release of her self-titled album and it's probably the most up-tempo, funky track of the album. It's a warped, grungy pop track with one of the catchiest choruses she's ever produced.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/st_vincent/bad-believer[/soundcloud]

Roy English- Julianne

From one funky tune to another, Julianne is the first official single from US artist, Roy English. It's a fuzzed-out pop tune backed by Dev Hynes-esque guitar-jabs and vocals that feel as if they've been caught in a dispersing cloud. A few years-ago this brand of lo-fi pop would've been could've been lost due to the sheer volume of tracks like it being released but in 2015 it's actually refreshing to hear an alt-pop tune that doesn't sound like a crisp, RnB renewal.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/royenglish/julianne[/soundcloud]

Emilie Haynie- Wait For Life (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

Producer Emilie Haynie is gearing up to release his star-studded album, We Fall. He's already dropped tracks featuring everyone from Dev Hynes to Charlotte Gainsbourg and now he's revealed Wait For Life with vocals by Lana Del Rey. Haynie was responsible for much of the production on Del Rey's debut Born To Die and once again here they swell a grandiose atmosphere of old school charm. Del Rey seems to be going from strength to strength lately and no doubt her third album, which is apparently more similar to her debut, will be one to look out for this year.