First Impressions: Django Django, Lido + More Reviewed

Written By the interns on 01/19/2015


We're into our third week of 2015 and we thought it's about time that we started to get our teeth sunk into some of the new music coming through. This week, we're reviewing new tracks by Ciara, Lido, Django Django and more. And while it's only early days, it's looking like 2015 could give us the goods. Particularly if the six artists mentioned below drop albums.

Ciara- I Bet

Sam: Ciara is one of my favourite female artists on the planet. She’s chipped away at the scene quietly for more than a decade as an under-appreciated RnB artist who had a few hits in the early hours of the Millennium, but she’s really come into her own recently. Her last album was brilliant and this track sees her head in the same direction. If you’re going to do a mid-tempo breakup song, do it like this. It’s so simple but her flow is on point and the production is deliciously nostalgic. The ironic thing is, it actually would sound at home on a Future album. 4 Sam’s Pick...obvs

Bianca: Good to see Ciara has 1, 2-stepped back into the spotlight. It's a faultless track that sees the RnB songstress laying her hallmark vocals on the subtly skittering backbeat. Side note, can anyone remember when the vicious rumour went around back in the day that Ciara was a man? lol. Memories... 

Krissy: I have just been transported back to the early 2000s where every Destiny’s Child lyric was etched into my brain and Usher was my ideal future husband. Where it’s no surprise that Ciara is great vocalist, this just doesn’t tickle my fancy. It’s pretty boring. Also, what’s with the dude randomly chiming in every 4 seconds? Pointless and not needed. 2.5

Lido & Hasley- Slow

Sam: Seeing Lido late last year was a religious experience. The Norwegian producer lives and breathes music, with a surprising gospel undertone to all his tracks. This one leans further towards RnB than any of his songs so far and it suits him. Hasley’s vocals soothe the soul while Lido’s production would no doubt have a few hip-hop producers jealous. 3.5

Bianca: Lido blew our minds with his live set last December. With that fond memory firmly tucked away into my brain, any sort of material coming from the producer is gold in my opinion. With its trappy undertones and slow-mo vocals, this track won't make you go anywhere in a hurry. 3.5 

Krissy: Genius. Geeenniiiusss. I love this. This remake of Jaden Smith’s Fast takes a trap-hop approach which accentuates and highlights the incredibly smooth vocals of Hasley. The slinky yet hard-hitting production from Lido is insane. I was (shamefully) unaware of these two before this collab- they are now on top of my radar. Hopefully there’s more to come from these two. 4.5 Krissy’s Pick

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Django Django- First Light

Sam: This track is a solid return for Django Django. And if it was on their debut album, I would’ve had absolutely no problem with it. But as the track is a return, my issue is that it doesn’t really extend the band’s capabilities. We’re seeing Django Django in the same light as the first album and I probably would’ve liked something a bit different. That said, the vocal layering and jangling beat are on point. 3

Bianca: Like an old friend that you haven't seen in years, Django Django have returned. Hurrah! But just like meeting with said old friend, the conversation revolves around now-stale past jokes, the friendship begging for new experiences and fresh memories to be made. It's really quite pleasant but it's nothing new from the band, leaving me hankering for something new from these guys. The best thing this track has done for me is re-introduce me to an old favourite, Default. 3.5  

Krissy: I’m on the fence about this track. There’s nothing terrible about it, but there’s nothing amazing that stands out for me. Note: Don’t listen to this before your morning coffee… you may fall asleep. In saying that, it will probably be stuck in my head for the next couple of days. 3

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Purity Ring- begin again

Sam: begin again is probably one of the most accessible things Purity Ring has done. The chorus is shimmering, driven by Megan James’ beautiful voice. In terms of aesthetic, it’s similar to the debut in the way that its a dim-lit, minimalist sound that would sound at home on a Hunger Games soundtrack. Given that their debut teetered on the edge of RnB, it’s interesting to see that they’ve shed that skin now that the genre is in vogue. It’s probably a good move and makes the song less disposable. 3.5

Bianca: This track is deliciously dark and brooding; the slowly-building crescendo further adding to the atmospheric nature. Megan's voice is ethereal as usual, taking this track to seventh heaven. 3.75 Bianca's Pick 

Krissy: A pinch of darkness, a splash of vivacity and a generous drizzle of soaring synth. begin again explores light and dark dynamics thoroughly which made it mesmerizingly catchy for the first half – but I felt like it was tiring toward the end. I can sense a million remixes are about to come! 3

Juce- The Other One

Sam: At this point, I’m trying to figure out why Juce haven’t quite cracked it in the way HAIM did. They’ve nailed the look and they’re committed to the funky sound but I think what’s missing is that killer hook. The Other One has brilliant, textured verses but kind of falls flat when it comes to the chorus. I’m a big fan of these guys though, I think they’re holding back some great stuff and are going to smack us with it right when it counts. 3

Bianca: Juce are one of those bands that you can throw onto a playlist and they will blend into any scene, instantly lifting the mood. This unfortunately might not work in their favour, putting them in danger of fading into the background and becoming lost in the crowd. And they're so, so much better than that. Shine bright, you glorious diamonds. 3.5 

Krissy: Sorry I’m late… I’ve just been taken for a cruise around Funky Town. If you’re looking for a Summer-vibing track, this is it. I’m hoping that these British gals come to Australia very soon – I’ll be the crazy one tearing up the d-floor. You could probably find me playing this track as I leave the office every Friday. 3.5

Eves The Behavior- TV

Sam: This song is the very definition of brooding. Now signed to Dew Process, this is the first time I’ve really sat up and paid attention to one of her songs. I think the deep, heavy synths make it sound profound and really accentuate her voice. I love the final third where the production gets a little more experimental. Eves The Behavior is definitely one to watch in 2015. 4

Bianca: This track transcends the confines of the boob tube, its namesake. Mammoth in vocals and production, it's a cinematic and arresting beast that belongs on the big screen. Following the likes of Lorde and Grace Mitchell, I now should be used to these incredible voices coming from people almost a decade my junior but they never cease to render me surprised/jealous 3.75 

Krissy: Woah… 19 year old Eves The Behavior kind of makes me wonder what I’ve been doing with my life (not making awesome music, like her– obviously.) Her maturing talent shines through on this track and I’m looking forward to more releases from this gem. The only thing I could fault this track on is the abrupt ending which just left me hanging. 3.5

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