Text Message Interview with Rei Barker, the Legend Bringing Darude to Future Music Festival

Written By Bianca Bosso on 12/22/2014


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or simply don’t have a taste for the finer things in life, you would have noticed the glorious resurrection of Finnish DJ, Darude‘s 1999 hit, Sandstorm. What some of you may not know, however, is the story, and the man, behind the entire movement. Hailing from Melbourne and self-classified as an interviewer, DJ, entertainer, writer and hypeman, Rei Barker is a man with a vision. Earlier in the year, driven by his undying passion for both Sandstorm and its creator, the “most influential and important musician alive”, he created a Pozible campaign, requesting the good faith of the community to collectively fund the costs to bring the man, the myth, the legend, Darude, to Australia for the very first time.

Soon enough, the campaign went viral with articles popping up all over the internet appealing for donations. Despite the story gaining publicity and serious momentum, and Sandstorm even making it back into 18th place in the Australian charts, only $3,282 of the required $200,000 fee was raised. With the campaign’s expiration date nigh, things were looking dire, with the possibility of gaining the necessary $196,718 looking almost impossible.

Then, just last Thursday, Rei’s prayers were answered when it was announced that Future Music Festival would be bringing the man himself to Australian shores in 2015, alongside Drake, The Prodigy and Kiesza. We thought we’d have a chat with Rei on this momentous occasion to discuss the inspiration behind his successful campaign, his plans for the future and Toadie from Neighbours.

And yes, we were also deeply concerned about our 17% battery power. We can assure you, the phone has now been charged and life resumes as normal.


And, just for good measure:

You can see Darude along with DrakeThe Prodigy, Kiesza, Avicii2 Chainz and many more at Future Music Festival on the following dates:

Tickets are still available here