Nicki Minaj Drops Two New Tracks Featuring Beyonce and Jessie Ware

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/12/2014

nicki mnaj pinkprint

Nicki Minaj has just dropped two very different songs featuring two very different girls. The first, Feelin Myself, features up-and-coming songstress, Beyonce, while the second, The Crying Game, features interns favourite Jessie WareFeelin Myself is about as sassy and fierce as Minaj songs come with even Beyonce bringing a little sass to the table. The pair switch back and forth between Yonce's sensual verses and Minaj's characteristically cute yet stinging rapping. The highlight comes when Beyonce simply coos "carry on", after throbbing hook. The Crying Game is far more introspective with Minaj taking a lesson in Ware's well perfected subtlety. It's so good to hear Minaj pack up the circus and deliver a straight-up rap record where she's repping the skill she so obviously possesses. Ware adds an element of sophistication which Minaj easily matches. At this stage it looks like The Pinkprint will be her best album by far.