Kanye West's Albums Reimagined With Kim Kardashian

Written By Bianca on 11/13/2014


Kanye West Kim Kardashian break the internet

When Kim Kardashian's rear end commanded the breaking of the internet, news outlets and websites worldwide abided by its instructions; they blogged, posted, reposted, rehashed and hashtagged the living daylight out of her derriere. Feeling a little left out from the party, and not wishing to look 'behind' in the news, we decided to make the gluteus maximus of this well-endowed occasion by finding a link to music, no matter how dubious it may be, to allow us to incorporate the notorious picture into the interns in some way. Looking to the Messiah of music and the #1 fan of Kimmy's tush, Kanye West, for inspiration, we decided to combine his hefty back catalogue with her hefty *ahem* back catalogue.

The College Dropout



Late Registration






808s & Heartbreak


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy



Watch the Throne

Watch the throne2



Yeah...we've got nothing.

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