Hermitude on Hangovers, Poutine & Plans Beyond The Valley

Written By the interns on 11/12/2014


After a solid stint touring, most recently around North America with fellow Sydney mates RÜFÜS, Hermitude are back in the studio. I chatted with one half of the electronic production duo, Angus Stuart, about various things, most notably mistaking his beer choice of Coopers for Cougars, the North American cuisine and plans on bringing in the new year.

You arrived back in Sydney a week ago, how was the tour?

Yeah it was amazing, we had a lot of fun with the RÜFÜS boys touring around, checking out America and Canada and playing the music that we love. It was a great experience.

We had a lot of shows over there in a small amount of time, we basically did 15 shows in 20 days. There was a lot of driving, we got to see a lot of the country side which I find inspiring but also meeting people from the audience in different cities, really getting a vibe for what that city feels like and what the people are like. I really enjoy that when travelling.

A lot of our music is rooted in hip hop, we also take from the electronic side of things as well, so I always like listening out for new music and usually come back with a lot of new music in my bag.

[soundcloud width="750" height="250"]https://soundcloud.com/hermitude/hyperparadise[/soundcloud]

What’s on for Hermitude in the coming months?

We are currently finishing up our new record, at the tail end of the process working on a bunch of tracks. It’s sounding really cool, we have just finished the single, thats coming out soon and dropping the record next year, so its all ramping up.

You have been touring a lot, how have you found time to produce new material for this next record?

Yeah, we have spent a lot of time on the road over the last couple of years since we dropped HyperParadise, there was a time we were writing in between travelling and playing some big festivals, so there are a couple of big tunes inspired from those experiences. When your in a plane or the back of a van you have this really interesting environment outside, creating different sounds which serves as a form of inspiration. This record feels like a progression on from HyperParadise, our production and song writing has stepped up a notch. I guess the main thing is whenever we write we just like to have fun and try different things and hopefully that comes through on the next record.

Are you incorporating any new instruments or technologies?

I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you after. Nah, for HyperParadise we used a bunch of old analogue synths that we still have but we have acquired a couple of new synthesisers- one of them is digital, theres a bit more digital sound going on with this record.. So yeah there are a couple of new things, a big mash.

Any collaborations which you can talk about on the album?

I’m just going to wait with that one.

What shows have you got, apart from Beyond the Valley coming up?

We have another one in Perth called Co-Lab Festival, it's always good getting over there and we are doing NYE On The Harbour, thats going to be really fun and New Year's is also my birthday.

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New Year's resolutions on your birthday?

Yeah I know, sometimes I do New Year's Eve resolutions and other times I'm just like, "fuck it".

How did the AV component of your set come to be?

When we perform live we like to play as much as possible, we have two synthesisers, MPC sampler and turntables. We realised early on that we were playing all this stuff and half the time the audience couldn’t actually see what we were playing so we went to our Production Manager and said, "we want cameras", so he came back to us with this whole device that he had built and all these Go Pro cameras, he helped us develop this live visual feed of what we are doing on stage so its been really cool, he's a genius.

What other artists are you excited to check out at Beyond the Valley?

AlunaGeorge, Danny Brown, Bag Raiders...it's going to be awesome.

There are hip hop influences throughout your music. Who are you excited about in Australian hop right now?

One Day Crew, it’s a bit of like a super group between Horror Show, Split Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and a bunch of other dudes but, yeah, they are really dope. Sydney based as well.

Last artists listened to?

James Blake, FKA Twigs.

 When you were over in the US you were talking about listening to other artists, bringing back records, whats ‘hot’ over there? 

There was this girl. Me and Dubs were in this store one time, it was just a clothing store or whatever and there was this track playing. We both walked out of the store and turned to each other and were like “did you hear that track playing, it was dope”…We didn't find out what the track was and for the rest of the trip we were just trying to hear this track again. Finally, in LA, I was in another store and they were playing a tune, it wasn't the same track but the voice, I think it was a female rapper or singer. Anyway her name is Dej Loaf, she has a new mixtape out called Sell Soul I think.. but the track Try Me was the first track we heard, I think it was in the midst of blowing up.

[soundcloud width="750" height="250"]https://soundcloud.com/moaninmonkeys/dej-loaf-try-me[/soundcloud]

Apparently there is a hangover spa at Beyond the Valley, see you there?

Yeah, I’ll be there for sure.

5 Quick Questions 

Dedication to your recent North American tour- Meat pies or poutine?

That’s a tricky one, I think I’m going to go with meat pies just cause they're a classic and they've been in my life for so long. Every now and then you just gotta have a good meat pie.

Mangoes or avocados?

Oh fuck thats a hard one, depends what season.. Im going to say mangoes.

VB or Melbourne Bitter?

Fucking hell, is there any other choices?

Top 3 items on your glamping rider?

A Sega Mega drive console from like 1990, with Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat….umm what else would there be…champagne.

Tent or Teepee?


You can find Hermitude at either the Hangover Spa or on the stage at this year's Beyond The Valley Festival. Get your tickets here.