TĀLĀ reworks 'Everybody's Free' from Romeo + Juliet

Written By Bianca on 10/30/2014

TALA Everybodys free

Featured in the Baz Luhrmann classic, Romeo + Juliet, Quindon Tarver's Everybody's Free was the soul-wrenching hymn of the '90s, soundtracking the heartache of two star-cross'd lovers in fair Verona who (*SPOILER ALERT*) take their lives. The song has now been transported to modern day by TĀLĀ, the electronic singer/songwriter/producer who has been on the interns' radar for a while now. Keeping the basic song structure of the original intact, the half-Iranian, South Londoner has put her delicate touch onto it, slowly building up the ambience with a heavy, skittering beat and layered vocals. Immaculately produced, this rework is a testament to TĀLĀ's knack for creating atmospheric beats, kept at just the perfect level of intensity.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/talaofficial/everybodysfree[/soundcloud]