Drake celebrates his birthday by giving away three new tracks

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/26/2014

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This week shall forever be known as Drake week. The Canadian rapper was announced to be coming to Australia for the first time with Future Music Festival, a new track, How Bout Now leaked and now he's gone all out releasing three new songs for download. The first is a higher quality version of the leaked How Bout Now, with 6 God and Heat Of The Moment rounding out the three. The three tracks show just how much sonic ground Drake is capable of covering. How Bout Now, is a minimal gospel-flavoured track, Heat Of The Moment sits more in the lane of something like Marvin's Room and 6 God is an agressive, bass-heavy cut. Drake has described them as "Just 3 songs that I knew some hackers had." Take that hackers/haters.

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/octobersveryown/drake-how-bout-now[/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/octobersveryown/drake-heat-of-the-moment[/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="750" height="200"]https://soundcloud.com/octobersveryown/drake-6-god[/soundcloud]