Stream ‘Talking About Yourself – a Drake-sampling EP by Melbourne producer, Amateur Dance

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/07/2014

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Incase you haven’t heard Australian music is kind of something to write home about at the moment. And keep that pen scrawling because Talking About Yourself by Melbourne producer Amateur Dance is a slice of house perfection. Released by Australian label October Records (who also released the Elizabeth Rose/Frames collaboration), Talking About Yourself is full of deep, rumbling bass and sprawling synths. One of the biggest triumphs of the EP is his use of vocal samples. On the title track he samples an interview Drake gave with a Canadian radio station. Rather than sounding blindingly vain, Drake’s statements sound resounding, almost like Gil Scott-Heron. This is music for the 5am, club-floor dwellers. It’s the type of music that demands you re-enter the world to sunrise and street-cleaners.