the interns’ Saturday Mix #10

Written By Lizzie Arnold on 09/20/2014


What a jam-packed week. The storm of Big Brother hit us, The Bachelor touched his eye, some chick cried when she missed out on getting the iPhone 6 and Scotland’s ‘YES’ campaign was a voted a big no no. In other news, 10 songs were released this week and they were awesome, and the interns’ took the liberty of jazzing up your Saturday playlist for a once in a lifetime, easy 3-installment price of FREE, FREE and FREE! Bargain!

Champagne Drip – Sounds From The Well: Music to turn you hipster.

Some people in the world are blessed with the ability to grow an impressive amount of facial hair, namely a beard. Others started wearing bucket hats and Birkenstocks before they were even in fashion and ‘Thrift Shop’ was a smash hit. Most of them have a distinct knowledge of intelligent dance music,or IDM as we like to call it. Heading to Listen Out next week? Then this mix is sure to tighten up the top button of you flannelette for you, and have you speaking fluent hipster in no time.

Notorious BIG ‘Ready to Die’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape mixed by Chris Read: Music to reminisce to…

Remember that time when Stevie did that really funny thing that was totally illegal, but really funny and we all laughed? Or that time when you totally cock-blocked that guy and it was also…really funny? Reminiscing is a beautiful thing, best served with some old friends you haven’t caught up with since college. They will always be etched in your memory, but it often you don’t hear from them until you receive a wedding invitation in the mail! Saturday afternoon, it’s time to call up all those people you have missed, and reminisce about the good times, even invite them over for a beer or two. Tis the season! This 20th anniversary mix is all about bringing people together.

 The Large – 2 on the mix: Music to Jamai-can you crazy

Who could resist the suave Jamaican sound of Popcaan? A popular feature on the interns, the effortlessly upbeat and sexy beach-side vibe of this dance hall jams are the perfect compliment to the rebirth of the Sun and Summer. Make sure to find a good perfect dancing partner, there ain’t no slackers or uncoordinated persons within a 5 mile radius of this The Large booty-shakin’ Saturday mix.

Stafford Brothers -DAD110: Music to start shredding

It’s never to late to start shredding, with just over two months until #twodays Stereosonic. If you haven’t already bought shares in your favourite fake tan brand, or started doing sit-ups to perfect that shirtess rig then now is the time to get a wriggle on. Summer is slowly creeping us and we could not be happier, but as the Scouts always say “be prepared.” You do not want to be caught unawares by the terrors of a bad festival selfie!