the interns' Saturday Mix #9

Written By Lizzie Arnold on 09/13/2014


This week was all about the highs and lows. The highs? Redfoo-headlined iHeartRadio Aus festival was cancelled (rejoice!). The lows? We were left wanting more when Ariana Grande graced our shores - more of her right side that is. the interns' Saturday Mix is about smoothing out those high/low kinks in your week and bringing you a little something to make the weekend tolerable, before the excitement and fun of a new work week begins.

Nest HQ Bobby Tank: Music to game to

Nothing is more on trend right now than PC music. The glittery lollipop lyrics and arcade-style beat are the perfect accompaniment to your weekly gaming gathering. The door is locked, the blinds are down and you've ordered-in the greasiest food known to man - and now it's time to LAN. Dust off your old PlayStation or even that ancient SEGA Megadrive - sorry Gen X that's probably way before your time - and gather the nerdy troops because Nest HQ has got you covered for the next 48-hour lock in.

Martin Garrix BBC 1: Music to take you by surprise


Okay, now I have your attention. I had to do what it takes to get you to listen to this mix. The majority of the world's population want to switch off when they hear the name Martin Garrix but prepare to be surprised. This is his Garrix's first Radio 1 Essential Mix, and to put it into context he starts with Flume, and there is no 'Animals' within a 60 minute radius of that. A perfect mixer to your pre-drinks (preferably before seeing Kanye tonight!), your friends will not know what just smacked them in the face. The second hour is a lot more dancey, but you will be too drunk to care at that stage.

Nina Las Vegas: Music to spring clean to

We all have flat mates, and we get to that comfortable time of the year where you are perfectly happy to live in a house which is slightly messy, slightly dirty and/or an absolute pigsty.

NO! It's Spring-time and you know what that means, house parties and guests. It is the month were you need to sort through all the stuff you have kept under your bed for 9 months, because no one wants to be friends with a hoarder. Blast this alternative mix through your speakers - only to be drowned out by the beautiful sound of the vacuum cleaner!

 HPNTK: Music to box to

*Ding Ding*

Round One and it's time for you to take the ring. You've just watched Christian Bale in The Fighter and now you're inspired. Whatever anger, energy, or badass-ness you want to release, now is the time. Boxing is one of best fitness work-outs going around, but you need something to push you harder as the lactic acid builds up and the skipping rope gets tighter. HPNTK is sure to pack a punch when it's needed!